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We have identified the best VPN

After conducting tests and interviewing foreigners in China, our experts determined the best service of 2021. The leaders were the developers of Vypr, Express and Nord.

These companies have implemented the latest encoding and data masking features. With these options, you will surely bypass the Great Firewall. By connecting the program, you get unlimited access to the global Internet. Leading services are compatible with all operating platforms, computers and smartphones.

Consider the technical characteristics and capabilities of top VPN products for PRC:

Second-tier providers of VPN in China, with average performance

Quick comparison table for popular services in China:

Annual subscription, monthly payment$6.67$3.49$2.50
Money-back, days3030no
Autosettings for Chinayesyesyes
Free trial, daysnono3 days
Connection zones686778
Number of servers20985398788
Number of IP-addresses89006800208000
Logging data erasing
Secondary logging data erasing
Protection for IPv6
Individual protocol
Circumvents Great Firewall
Circumvents Geo-Restrains
Devices per license365
Smartphone Apps
Technical Support Around the clock
Online chat
Request form
Step-by-step instructions
Around the clock
Online chat
Request form
Step-by-step instructions
Around the clock
Online chat
Request form
Step-by-step instructions

Get #1 VPN for China

Paid VPN

vpn app and PC

Only paid VPNs guarantee a stable connection. Stay connected throughout your visit to China. Bypassing strict restrictions requires modern technological solutions. Backup channels and powerful servers have become an absolute must. Only 12-13 usd and you get high speed internet. Such a price is absolutely justified for a safe access to the global network.

We recommend IT products from:


expressvpn for smartphone

Regular price – $12.95 usd/month.

Paying for 15 months – $6.67 usd/month.

With Express, you get stable and high-speed Internet. The application works on all devices and any operating systems.

Formally, the product without a test period. However, you can issue a full refund within 30 days.

ExpressVPN with 49% discount


nordvpn for PC

Regular price – $11.95 usd/month.

When paying for 1 year – $6.99 usd/month.

When paying for 3 years, the price is only $3.49 usd/month.

The manufacturer has the strongest protection, dedicated connections. For added security, they do not record communication sessions. When you purchase, you get a number of useful tools.

1 week of test use, and even a 30 day full return guarantee.

Get discount 70% for NordVPN


VyprVPN on laptop and mobile

Regular price – $12.95 usd/month.

Monthly charge with a Premium plan at annual subscription – $6.67 usd/month.

The manufacturer provides Chameleon technology, ensuring uninterrupted bypass of the Golden Shield.

Vypr has well-thought-out usability. Service stably gives out high speed. A robust Swiss approach reliably protects your privacy.

An independent survey confirmed the complete absence of communications journals.

The test period is 3 days. Provider doesn’t offer a refund.

Get VyprVPN at discount

VPN services from other manufacturers

A number of decent virtual private networks are in China. Providers specialize in certain functions. Our experts regularly test new products and prepare detailed reviews.

We create a monthly report on prices. We publish relevant information on discounts from popular providers. Decent services are not necessarily the most expensive. However, avoid cheap options. The development of high-tech services clearly requires financial resources.

In global net you will find quite effective offers, with the aim of changing the IP address. But in PRC, such VPN solutions do not provide the proper connection. These services are more likely to cause serious problems than brining results.

There are ways to get paid services without paying, or you can seriously reduce the monthly fee.

Our team tested free virtual private networks for PC and smartphones. We publish the latest test results of these IT products on our website. Choosing a reliable service, you will know what risks should be avoided in the first place. Keep your personal data safe.

What does free VPN in China mean?

free VPN limit in China

In China, there are freely distributed VPN applications for laptops and smartphones. They are divided into 2 types:

The first – absolutely no payment. Such companies work for the Chinese government. They collect user data. The program can install a read bot without your knowledge. Malicious software collects and transfers user information to the developer.

The second type is shareware providers. With them, you get scanty traffic of 500 Mb/month and restriction on connection points. Thousands of users are routed to one channel and the connection speed is extremely slow.

Fresh analysis of such constantly emerging virtual private networks for PRC is always on our site. Here you will find the test results of all free dangerous products. You will learn in detail the risks and problems with speed.

Free VPN services for China

The Chinese Ministry of Communications has tight control over the Internet. Startups offering VPN generally do not have the ability to register.

risks of free VPN in China

Most free shareware offerings work for the government. Their goal is to collect user information. In violation of confidentiality, the software sends the collected data to the authorities. The supervisory authorities then resell your personal data to marketers.

These applications automatically, without asking you, get access to the following data:

  • Location
  • Camera
  • Contacts (with edit access)
  • Access to e-mail and accounts
  • Application and device connection logs
  • Browser Bookmarks
  • Browser Stories
  • Multimedia and photo files (often with editing)
  • The phone number and identifier of your device.

Do not use the IT offers of these companies. Tests by our experts confirm the dangers of these products.

Bet NetHaloHotspot FenceHotconnect VPN
Secure PrivateFence NetStrong VPNSuper VPN
Tunder VPNBounce ConnectTurbo VPNVPN – Proxy Pro
365 ConnectVPN SmartVPN ProPrivate Proxy Star

Shareware VPN in China

Often, these are abridged versions of full packages. They cut the number of servers, the amount of traffic, locations for the connection, and even the number of connections. As a result, you get a non-working application.

free vpn limits in China

You can send texts without photos at a wildly slow speed. The speed is so slow that you don’t even have to think about watching a video or having voice-call over the Internet.

  • Scribewind – 7 Gb/month + 2 connection points
  • BearStealth – 900 Mb/month + 7 days for free, require a credit card
  • Cover.it – 1.5 Gb/month + 3 connection points, without a credit card.
  • ZenMate – free browser plugins, speed 2 Mbit/second + 4 locations.

ATTENTION: Do not use the Hotspot Shield service. All versions of this product, even in the paid one, collect personal data of users.

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Get fully-fledged VPN services for free

Leading manufacturers provide a test period, or a return guarantee. Both options work great for a short trip to China. Businessmen or tourists can, without making a purchase, get a top product.

  1. 1. Get a Nord or Express package for 1 month;
  2. 2. Use the service up to 29 days;
  3. 3. Write a technical support application and get a refund.

You can do this once, but for a short visit, a completely viable option. This will be a full paid version, with no speed limits. You will get free access to any sites.

Get secure VPN for China

Paid vs. Free VPN in China

For a short trip, a guaranteed refund may be suitable. The offer is great if you are not going to transfer gigabytes of information.

For a long trip, immediately purchase a paid application. The price of the top service is only $9- $12 usd. You will have a stable connection at maximum speed. A functional application will save valuable time and protect against unjustified risks. Leading providers provide the ability to install on multiple devices.

Paid VPN in ChinaFree VPN in China
Peer-to-Peer connection
Streaming support
High-speed channels
Video view without buffering
Supports video-calls
Logging data erasing
Online-games support
256-bit AES-coding
Technical support
Backup channels

For a long-term visit, a semi-annual or annual plan is ideal. By subscribing for a year, you will pay only $5-7 usd per month. This is a significant savings for the guarantee of security and high-speed Internet.

Compare the technical specifications and functions of paid VPN products for China with free ones:

Eating in mainland costs about $6-7 usd. A high-quality VPN without restrictions, with installation on several devices costs $12- $13 usd/month.

In modern realities, the security of personal information has become a valuable factor. The inviolability of passwords, mail access or even banking data is much more expensive than two meals.

Here is information on discounts for VPN in 2021.

Obtain discount for VPN

Frequently asked questions

How to get Express on Android in PRC without payment?

The manufacturer does not release a free version of the product. However, you get a 30 day full return guarantee if the service does not suit you.

How to get VPN for a router?

Routers use the same VPN as PCs or smartphones. Manufacturers have separate applications. Therefore, you either buy VPN for China, or install an existing one under a purchased license. Note that you need a router with the ability to install applications. If this is not possible, then you have to install the firmware.

Does China have VPN on whatsapp?

There is no separate VPN for this app. Detailed descriptions on the choice of services for using this messenger can be found on our resource. We strongly recommend avoiding any free offers.

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