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updated on 25.03.2021
  • Moneyback1 month
  • Advantagespeed
  • Devices5
  • Price startsfrom $6.67 usd/mon

The leader among private virtual networks, Express VPN is one level higher than other offers in the market. The company provides communication through 1518 servers in 98 countries. The brand’s protrietary technology provides service for bandwidth and uninterrupted connection. Using Express VPN, you get access to the global Internet network. Technology is evading even such strict censorship, as that one in China.

The price is on a par with other offers, is only $12.95 for 1 month. Buying an annual package at once, you can get significant savings. Then, the monthly payment will be only $6.67.


Unsurpassed communication speed and end-to-end encryption distinguish the product from other competitors. The function of spoofing servers makes the network ultra-fast and eliminates communication interruptions.

Features and Specifications

ExpressVPN service ideally meets the requirements of a wide audience. Whether you watch videos or transfer large amounts of data, you get an exceptionally reliable Internet.

Devices simultaneously5Protection from IPv6-leaks
Servers worldwide2800+Kill-switch
Cities138Browser add-ons
Countries98Mobile Apps
City selectionUnlimited data transfer
Protection from DNS-leaksUnlimited bandwidth

ExpressVPN free of charge for 3 month

How to get a lower price for Express VPN

expressvpn for smartphone
  • On a monthly plan, the cost is 12.95 dollars.
  • When you buy a long-term subscription, you can save upto 50%. With a six month package, the rate drops to 9.99 dollars.
  • On an annual subscription, the company gives 3 months for free, plus a discount. You pay only 6.67 dollars per month.

    ExpressVPN is a premium service, but price wise, it is in the middle price segment. The closest competitors offer similar prices for more less the same long-term packages. Each new subscriber receives a guarantee of 100% return within 30 days.

    PackagePer month, USDPrice, USDDiscount
    1 month12.95no
    6 months9.9959.9525%
    15 months6.6799.9549%

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    Payment Options

    payment options for ExpressVPN

    You can purchase VPN Express by paying with any card. The company accepts electronic money, such as Yandex, Alipay, Webmoney or PayPal. You can buy the service even for bitcoins.

    For authorization you need any email. However, use the email you always have access to.

    Sometimes, the developer send bonuses under the “Refer a Friend” program. When someone registers by using your link, they give you and your friend a month free of charge.

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    Speed and performance

    ExpressVPN provides extremely high speed and reliable connections. In any country, even in China with its Golden Shield, you will have a high-speed connection. All well-known developers consider themselves leaders, but in reality they lag behind in a number of parameters.

    • High-speed servers: in 2021, connecting via Hong Kong and San Francisco gives unsurpassed speed. And communication through China Telecom operator, with its CN2 technology, leaves all competitors far behind.
    • Communication security: OpenVPN protocol works through a UDP connection.
    • Reliability of connection: the function of substituting servers provides uninterrupted communication. For long sessions, disconnection may occur. But internet recovers immediately.

    Express application automatically monitors servers’ speed. With this function, in further sessions, you can automatically connect via the selected channel.

    List of ExpressVPN servers

    Choose subscription plan

    Express VPN to bypass filters

    ExpressVPN is considered the best service in a number of ways. Tests are conducted in different geographical locations and modes. The product repeated its success in 2021, exactly as in 2019. The provider has implemented technologies, which easily bypass even such harsh filters as the Great Firewall. For example, in China, in anticipation of important political events, the blocking of VPNs is especially reinforced. Usually, other services are blocked. However, Express continues to work. Speed may drop a little bit, but still there will be a connection.

    The company has developed obfuscated-server function. These are camouflage servers that mask traffic as https data. Due to the fact that payment operations are performed through https connections, such traffic does not go thru deep-batch verification.

    Installation and intuitive usability

    ExpressVPN speed

    VPN Express has developed applications for the mass market. Even inexperienced users can easily understand the program. The company adapted service for smartphones and personal computers. For a PC, you can download software directly from the website, for a smartphone, go to AppStore or Google-play. There is even a separate browser plugin.

    1. Step 1: register on the company website. When you activate your account, you can even create a multi-level password.
    2. Step 2: run the installation file and follow the instructions. By default, you just need to click Next.
    3. Step 3: enter your license information and click Finish.

    In settings tab, everything is intuitive and understandable. Right at the center there is a Start button.

    Install Express VPN

    Download Express VPN

    It’s better to download ExpressVPN on your home network. Then, you can make the necessary settings and check the application. Take installation file only from the official website. Depending on your OS, you need to download APK-file or application itself.

    If you are in a country with strict censorship, you may have to use a mirror site. You’ll need that mirror site in China, where the main VPN Express website is not available.

    ExpressVPN app for PC

    Download ExpressVPN from company’s website

    Express VPN free of charge

    ExpressVPN money back guarantee

    There is a completely official way to use Express VPN service for free. The company offers a 30-day full moneyback guarantee.

    You buy a fully fledged version and use the service. Before the end of the warranty, you need to write to customer support. Usually, they proccess refund without further questions.

    In some cases, you can issue a refund even after the warranty period. This may be the case in China, where due to strict filtering, communication sometimes doesn’t function.

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    Platform and device compatibility

    ExpressVPN has created services for all operating systems and devices. The company closely monitors compatibility and regularly releases updates.

    LinuxMac OSSafariWindows

    Sometimes on older models, automatic connection failures may occur. For such options there is a step-by-step instruction for personalization. In the help section you will find detailed illustrated explanations. The support service answers questions 24/7.

    ExpressVPN installation diagram

    Express VPN for desktop and laptop

    ExpressVPN for MacOS

    A well thought intuitively user-interface distinguishes ExpressVPN from other providers. The program works in automatic mode, but if necessary, you can set manual settings. To maintain a high-speed connection, there is a split tunneling mode. You choose only those applications, which should work through VPN. Then other programs will not occupy the encrypted channel.

    Compatible with major OS:

    • On Windows – Vista, XP, 7, 8 and 10 versions.
    • On Mac OS – from Mac OS Sierra 10.13 to Mac OS Catalina 10.16.
    • On Linux – Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, CentOS. For Kali, Ubuntu Studio and Linux Mint programs, you will need to make manual settings.

    Better to work on the new version of ExpressVPN for Windows and MacOS. The provider monitors changes to the Golden Shield to issue timely updates.

    Download Express VPN for MacOS

    Express VPN for smartphone or tablet

    ExpressVPN for iPad

    The interface of the mobile VPN Express apps is provided for entry-level users. In the center of the screen there is a large button to start the connection. In order to avoid the background operation of the virtual connection, you can enable the service only manually. In this mode, you save battery power on your smartphone. After the loss of online connection, Express VPN on Android and iOS automatically restores the online connection. This feature is practical in China, where mobile communications in the provinces are often intermittent.

    Smartphone Compatibility:

    • On iOS 12, 11, 10, 9, and 8;
    • On Android Oreo, Nougat, Marshmallow, Lolipop, KitKat and Jelly Bean;
    • On BlackBerry Key2, Motion, Key1, Priv, DREK60 and DTEK50;
    • On Windows-Phone and Windows-Mobile there is no automatic configuration.

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    Express VPN for browser

    expressvpn and chrome icon

    ExpressVPN plugins for the browser are bundled with the main client service. You can launch the browser add-on separately, without the main program. In the service settings, you can set virtual network sessions only through a browser. Accordingly, other applications will connect to the Internet directly.

    ExpressVPN Plugins for:

    • Safari
    • Firefox
    • Chrome

    For other browsers to work through the virtual network, you need to launch the client service.

    Install ExpressVPN for browser

    Privacy and log-files

    For maximum anonymity, VPN Express does not store connection history. If necessary, you can separately check the connection log on your device. Communication sessions can even be written to a separate file.

    The virtual network records the connection date, without taking into account a specific time. The log stores data on the connection server and the amount of information sent. The service does not intentionally records your IP in order to maintain confidentiality. Even when registering an account, there is only an email address and payment history. Therefore, if you pay with crypto currency, it will not be possible to determine when you are connecting to the virtual network.

    The service issues one IP address per session. When thousands of other users access this Internet connection, your anonymity is safe. Unlike other providers that use dedicated IP addresses, Express VPN only works through a shared IP.

    Communication Security and Protocols

    expressvpn with openvpn

    VPN Express uses modern protocols for virtual networks. Often used, OpenVPN UDP is enabled by default. However, if necessary, you can specify an OpenVPN connection through PPTP, L2TP / IPSec, or TCP.

    The data transmitted through the OpenVPN channel, passes through end-to-end encryption using AES 256-bit technology. Express VPN is registered in the Virgin Islands. BVI jurisdiction puts the provider intact from the US NSA and the British GCHQ.

    Benefits and Special Features

    expert reviews of expressvpn

    Each year, ExpressVPN service is one of the three best virtual private networks, according to leading independent analysts.

    • Recently, the provider has introduced Smart Location technology. The function analyzes the transfer rate, ping and distance to the nearest servers. Based on the data received, the program automatically selects the fastest connection. VPN Express works with all mobile and Internet operators.
    • Each communication session goes through a kill-switch. This technology protects user anonymity when a virtual connection is disconnected. In this case, the application instantly disconnects the Internet connection.
    • Multy-functional website makes it possible to check speed, your IP, and even the leak of DNS servers and WebRTC.
    • Under one license, it is allowed to connect up to 3 devices simultaneously. If you need to connect the fourth device, then just turn off one of the already connected.

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    Technical support

    Technical Support works 24/7. Simple questions are answered within 20 seconds, more complex questions are resolved within an hour. Even if you have not bought a subscription, you can ask clarifying questions. You will be advised in detail on the characteristics.

    Channels for support:

    • 24 hour chat;
    • Ticketing system;
    • Email;
    • Help section and technical instructions.
    expressvpn technical support

    Over the past 5 years, Express VPN has been recognized as the most suitable VPN service. The program is ideal for ordinary users. High-speed communications, complete security, convenient applications and unrivaled support make provider a recognized industry leader.

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    Frequently asked questions

    How to download cracked Express VPN?

    You can probably find a hacked version of the product on torrents. To activate the program, you must enter the data of the registered account. All accounts are stored on the provider’s server. As a rule, when trying to connect via pirated versions, the company blocks the IP address.

    Where can I find free activation codes on ExpressVPN?

    There are phishing and other fraudulent sites on the network where you can get activation keys for free. However, all of these keys are invalid. And the most dangerous thing is that there is a risk of getting malware onto your computer. Do not expose your personal data to danger. Better get a paid program right away.

    What to do if Express VPN does not work?

    First, see if you have an internet connection. If there is an online connection, but there is no virtual connection, then check that the program is activated. If the product does not connect, then turn to customer support. They will help you within an hour.

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