Fastest VPN brands of 2020

In many countries, access to the global Internet network is possible only through a VPN. To use Google, Youtube, Instagram and other information resources, you need a virtual private network. For example, Great Firewall is so powerful that most mass-market services are slow or not working at all.

We regularly test various VPN-products in order to identify the most favorable for end-users. Only a small number of reliable applications operate on high-speed in 2021. Leading developers implement special traffic encryption technologies. By masking the communication channels, they properly hide it even from strict filters such as Chinese Firewall. It is the top VPN-software that provide fast and uninterrupted communication.

Leading High Speed VPNs in 2021


Accelerated channels for the modern Internet

Express regularly confirms its leadership position in data rate tests. Well-designed usability apps give you fast connectivity on any device. Generally, the brand issues at least 6 Mbps out of 10 Mbps for the Chinese market. Connecting to the nearest servers in Hong Kong or Singapore accelerates communication to 7 Mbps. The company specifically emphasized on the stability of the cyber sessions. Company’s experts have developed a unique code for geographies with enhanced censorship. You can safely watch YouTube videos with the resolution up to 4K. The company even adapted an application for Netflix, which other VPN-providers cannot handle.

The results of the February tests showed the following:

  • Fast server renders high speed from China to San Francisco 4.5/5, and to Hong Kong 4.7/5;
  • Modern protocol: self-regulating mode based on OpenVPN using TOR;
  • Stability: in case of a break, replacement channels are connected for instant recovery.

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Ultimate security through enhanced data encryption

To boost data transferring, Nord has created a distinct data encryption technology. This protocol obfuscates data streams, making them unrecognizable as a virtual private network. Even in the days of increased control, technologies such as Golden Shield are not able to block communication. To activate the function, you need to enable obfuscated-server. After, you can safely send over important digital documents. The company placed an additional emphasis on the creation of accelerating channels. Using Nord, you get VPN with two-way encryption, high speed and uninterrupted cyber sessions.

Connect to high-speed servers in San Jose, Seattle, and Japan for any internet provider. If you are in PRC, then choose Singapore for China Telecom, and Hong Kong for China Unicom.

The minimum performance in China is over 4.3 Mbps – China Unicom provides this speed.

Additional encryption mode – Obfuscated servers.

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Lightweight application with high speed

Vypr has released applications with an intuitive interface. Separately, to increase the stability of Internet access, the developer introduced unique Chameleon protocol. This technology brings data transfer to an unlimited level. The company runs its own communication centers in Tokyo, Taiwan, USA, Singapore. The bandwidth in Japan is generally over 4.2 Mbps. Servers in America reliably provide over 5.3 Mbit/s. On smartphones, it is better to use nodes in Taipei, they give additional stability.

Dedicated fast servers in Hong Kong, San Francisco, Denver.

The chameleon function guarantees a stable connection.

With China Telecom Vypr provider shows 4.8 Mbps.

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Pure VPN

Advanced security, without speed-loss

Traditionally, Pure VPN develops enhanced data encryption technologies. The software splits information into packets and encodes them before transferring. This algorithm supports fast Internet connection. The provider manages a network of servers located in 95 countries. Dispersed communication nodes further speed up data transfer. Recently, Pure launched substituting servers feature. This setting prevents possible speed drops. The main offices are located in Europe, North America and Asia. Standard indicators start from 5.6 Mbit/sec. When connecting to a nearby node, the connection becomes faster, from 6.5 Mbit/sec.

A network of spoofing servers to speed up data transfer.

Distributing information in batches makes it easier to send large volumes.

View streaming video without buffering – Netflix, Hulu, Amazon-TV, and others.

At 4G network with connection via a nearby nodes transfer rate starts from 5.6 Mbit/sec.

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CyberGhost VPN

Simplified usability and high-speed Internet channels

A Romanian-German company has created its own data transfer technology. By default, the service uses the OpenVPN and IPSec/L2TP acceleration protocols. At the same time, privacy and security are not reduced. Distributed offices in Europe and Asia provide continuous communication even during peak hours. By using spoofing servers, the provider guarantees the safety of user data. In manual mode, you can choose to connect via PPTP protocol. In this case, the ping delay is reduced by a third.

Standard connection from 5.3 Mbit/sec, which is faster than average.

Proprietary centers in Tokyo, Guangzhou, Singapore, and Chicago demonstrate advanced service.

Traffic entanglement feature speeds up data transfer by half.

Streaming video without buffering on 350+ resources – Hulu, Showtime, iPlayer and others.

IPVanish VPN

Broadcasting on streaming platforms in HD-format

IPVanish supports high VPN speeds even in remote locations. Initially, the company used only lightweight OpenVPN protocol. A year ago, the provider added high-speed IKEv2 and Soft Ether to its arsenal. By default, end-to-end encryption is used in each packet. The service is ideal for corporate clients with high requirements for confidentiality and swift communication. The brand has an extensive server network in Europe, America and Asia. Baseline data in Berlin, Singapore, or Kyoto is at least 6.2 Mbit/sec.

The complete absence of log files guarantees 100% confidentiality.

Accelerating servers in locations with high traffic.

With leading providers Orange or China-Unicom data transfer from 6.5 Mbit/sec.

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Speed-increasing VPN protocols

Major providers use several mutually replacing protocols. Most commonly used and efficient:

  • PPTP;
  • Open-VPN;
ProtocolSpeed, MbitActivity MaskingConnection stabilityStreamingP2POS Devices
Open VPN TCP30StrongHighWeakHighAll
Open VPN UDP80StrongWeakFastHighAll
Soft Ether80StrongHighFastHighWindows

Choose a brand that offers 3 or more technologies. Many countries regularly enhances the blocking of VPN channels. From time to time, censorship agencies attack a particular protocol. When the speed drops significantly or the connection becomes unstable, you can always switch to another type. With leading manufacturers, you can safely connect the updated settings and continue your online session.

Vypr developer offers the following options:

VPN encryption160 bit
256 bit
256 bit
Privacy featuresEnd-to-end encryption. Identifies data by using digital certificates.End-to-end encryption. Identifies data by using digital certificates.
ConclusionThe OpenVPN Protocol is recommended for desktop computers with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux systems. High performance, fast and safe.Chameleon is ideal for working through VPN in China. It is also an excellent choice for improving data transfer speed and security.

In most cases, the OpenVPN feature is great. It provides fast connectivity coupled with enhanced security for Chinese cyberspace.

How OpenVPN circumvent filters and Great Firewall

The Great Firewall is constantly being improved. Nowadays, it can easily identify voluminous open virtual private network channels. The shield imposes additional control on such routes or completely blocks them. However, advanced manufacturers have enhanced security features to bypass the stream filter.

Express and Nord offer spoofing servers and traffic encryption;

Vypr has unique Chameleon technology to mask traffic.

In reality, these technologies disguise VPN traffic, by making it look like a regular http. Firewall does not perceive such data streams as a virtual private network. As a result, information is not subject to additional verification or blocking. And you get fast VPN worldwide and even in PRC.

Why is a VPN slow or unreliable

If your VPN-service malfunctions, contact the technical support of the provider. Responsible companies solve the problem within an hour. If data transferring has become slow, then try changing the server. Often the speed immediately normalizes.

From time to time, many services slow down or even stop working:

  • Government events in autumn and spring;
  • Political congresses and parades;
  • National Holidays or Chinese Festivals;

This video will guide you behind the scenes of Internet and explain you how the virtual private network functions:

Most second-class applications work slowly or simply turn off at the slightest increase from the Golden Shield.

Server and country selection

Each provider has unique characteristics and different locations of the servers. To get fast speed cyber access, you should choose locations with proximity to PRC, they obviously have advantage. However, there are other factors to consider when choosing a high-speed VPN-service:

  • Download/Upload Speed in Mbps;
  • Ping (delay) in ms;
OpenVPN and Chameleon Protocol

Speed is higher when the developer’s communication nodes are directly connected to the communication hubs of Internet providers. For example in China, the major Internet providers are China-Mobile, China-Unicom, and China-Telecom. Top manufacturers intentionally place servers close to national providers using peering technique. In this case, the speed of uploading and downloading data via virtual private network will be fast. Servers geographically close to the country in Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong or San Francisco constantly show high speed.

Ping is the time interval between sessions of sending information from a node to a device. Ping varies with the distance between the server and the user. The shorter delay and closer to each other communication equipment, the faster VPN. Small ping is important for video communications or online games.

China Mobile and fastest network CN2

VPN speedtest in USA

A national Internet provider, China-Mobile has launched a new generation of servers called CN2. Cost of a bandwidth through CN2 servers are much higher than through a regular network. The difference in cost reaches 50 times. Few private companies can afford such expenses.

VPN speedtest in Asia

Express has advantage with its location of Hong-Kong-1 and Hong-Kong-3 servers. Asian CN2 communication nodes are the fastest with high bandwidth. North American network CN2 USA – China, on the one hand, is more powerful, but in reality it is constantly busy and slow as regular networks.

VPN speed test in China

The problem of speed in Chinese cyberspace is particularly relevant during peak hours. Internet rush hours occur from 9 though 11 pm. The CN2 Asian network is confident in managing bandwidth utilization even at this time.

How to get maximum speed through VPN

You can see a lot of shareware offers. Do not waste time on these services. Free products are unacceptably slow, and moreover, are dangerous to your privacy. We recommend that you immediately purchase a reliable application from a top provider. Only in this way you will have access to the global Internet with a stable connection. High quality product will provide you with a fast cyberspace access, sufficient for streaming video or online games.

Based on user feedback, we have rated TOP-5 fastest virtual private networks:

In our reports we publish test results of various services. Read reviews on pricing and features of various applications for different countries and for PRC.

Frequently asked questions

How to determine the fastest VPN?

Often, the claimed speed data and technical data are not true. The quality of communication greatly depends on your location, device and Internet provider. Each service must be separately tested in real mode. Reputable companies like Nord or Vypr provide free trial periods. Express provides a 30-day return guarantee. Check each service and buy the most suitable.

Which VPN is best for P2P sessions in Mainland?

Tests have shown that Nord is most suitable for these tasks. The company has allocated separate servers for P2P. Choosing them, you immediately get high speed for uploading or downloading data. Express traditionally demonstrates excellent performance. Test both products and choose the best.

How to increase VPN speed in PRC?

When you have a full-fledged product from a top provider, the problem will be solved within an hour. The support service will explain which server to choose and which settings to change to increase speed. You may have to enable a separate connection protocol. If you have a free service, then the situation will not be improved.

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