Frequently asked questions

How do you choose which services to check?

Our experts regularly find all new offers in the VPN services market. Our team experts constantly check thematic resources. We also attend exhibitions in the field of communication technologies.

How do you determine the quality of VPN programs?

In telecommunication technologies, there are a number of indicators by which, the applications involved in the transfer of information, are evaluated. All these indicators are universal and are also used by other independent experts.

What is your experience with virtual private networks?

Through the analytics of our experts, hundreds of different applications have passed. We understand not only the technical indicators at the output of the software product, but also the code itself. Even by the quality of the code, we can already give a general assessment of the service.

Why are there so many offers on the virtual private network market?

Many programs use open source. This means that anyone who understands how to copy the fundamental code of a program can copy the product itself. Further, people simply declare such a copied product as theirs. And they begin to sell it for their own purposes.

How to determine a reliable VPN from dangerous?

Regularly read thematic reviews and reports on current market offers. If you find duplicate information on different resources, this may indicate that the service deserves attention. Then you can take advantage of free trial periods.

How strong is the danger of violating my privacy using low-quality applications?

Today, many ordinary users do not even suspect how much they are vulnerable to hacker actions. Almost all users continue to store passwords in the browser. Having gained access to it, scammers grab your email for example. Further they can get access even in your bank account.

Should I buy 2 different services at once?

You can at least test two different VPN services for free during the trial period. However, even when you have decided on the product, we recommend having accounts with different providers. If there is no connection with one, you are guaranteed to stay in touch using the fallback option.

What can be considered an expensive service?

The top services do not offer the cost of their monthly subscriptions higher than $13. And on a multi-month subscription, you can lower the price altogether to $3. Therefore, any offer from the market is higher than $13, we can safely consider it out of market prices.

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