VPN for Gmail in China

How to access Skype in PRC

By the number of active users, Gmail is the largest platform. People use google mail when opening an account in social networks or other Internet services. In China, authorities blocked the service several years ago. However, in the provinces of Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong, Gmail continues to work. In the mainland, you can access mail or other applications through a VPN connection.

Today there are a lot of offers for virtual private networks. Among them, most of the programs are freely available. Typically, this is fraudulent development to collect user data. By 2021, Chinese government has developed powerful VPN channel discovery and blocking software. Therefore, only a small part of paid virtual private networks can provide reliable communications.

VPN for gmail in China

Best VPN for Gmail in China 2021


expressvpn for smartphone

Fast connection for any Google service

Express is the most popular choice for Gmail users in China. The service provides high speed for working with GoogleDocs and GoogleDrive. This is what you need to exchange large files and important documents online. At peak times, the Internet in the Mainland is congested. Therefore, to work even with simple tables, it is better to connect via high-speed communication. We recommend Express as a product, proven over the years. It provides instant connectivity anytime.

The company has developed a special protocol that ensures uninterrupted communication. In the event of a failure, the technology automatically turns on spare servers. This feature becomes especially relevant during government events. During these days, authorities especially tighten control over VPN services. Express becomes an excellent choice when you need uninterrupted connection.

ExpressVPN for Gmail in China


nordvpn for PC

Highest Personal Data Protection

Technology provides unrivaled security for sharing important documents. Nord has developed a unique protocol to ensure unprecedented privacy. The company has created a special onion-over end-to-end encoding algorithm. The technology is especially relevant for PRC and other geographies with strict censorship. Nord uses only its own proprietary servers, which provide additional protection for valuable data.

In a standard package, the developer provides the ability to activate up to 6 devices. Nord’s privacy protection is essential for working with Google mail in the country. To view the mass data stream from video or games, the developer provides a separate channel for transmitting information.

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VyprVPN on laptop and mobile

Fast and easy access to any Google application

The company emphasized the simplicity and security of a private virtual network. Vypr has its own servers in Southeast Asia, the USA and Europe. A separate NAT protocol, with its own firewall, eliminates hacking of Gmail accounts. Application is adapted for operating systems Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android. The manufacturer developed a unique feature, which warns about hacker viruses.

Asian servers are located in Singapore, Korea and Japan. Such geographical proximity to China gives an extremely fast data transfer rate. Vypr is rightly called the A-class virtual private network. The team created a special Chameleon protocol, which easily bypasses the Golden Shield. By purchasing a product, you get an extremely reliable connection that provides high-speed connection with mail and other Google programs.

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VPN for all @gmail services

Millions of users use Gmail every day without even realizing it. Medium and large businesses connect to the G-Suite platform. This system makes it possible, using Gmail technology, to use your own corporate mail.

That is, when an employee of such a company has the email address john@sitename.com, the email is still located on the Gmail platform. In such cases, connection is only possible through a virtual private network. Therefore, to communicate with colleagues or for your personal issues, you need a VPN for Gmail in China.

gmail logo and flag of China

Comparing VPN-services to unlock gmail

We tested different services to make google-mail working. More detailed information, you can find in our regular reviews.

Moneyback offer30 days30 days
Free test, days3 days
Monthly fee on annual package USD$6.67$3.47$2.50
Circumvent Chinese Firewall

Top applications can be installed on several devices simultaneously. They are reliable, fast and safe to use.

VPN for e-mailing in PRC

Why is Gmail blocked in China?

message in gmail

China began to filter user correspondence, after the Xinjian riots. Authorities demanded Twitter, Facebook and other European social networks to provide access to their servers. Having been denied access to the correspondence of users, Beijing began to systematically block all these platforms. Google was among them. Initially, the company provided online search services in the Mainland. In 2010, the PRC leadership blocked the platform because of its reluctance to filter search results.

Since then, all services of the corporation are closed from free access. You can connect to YouTube resources in China, Google, Google-Maps or e-mail only through a virtual private network. However, Google translator sometimes works in larger cities.

Access Gmail in China

Access to Gmail without VPN in China

When you use only mail, you can do one of two options:

  • First, open an account on a third-party email service. It must be unlocked, for example Yahoo. After, you should set up forwarding to a new email.
  • Alternatively, you can use the Outlook client-service. The mail-client oftentimes works. To make the application function, you will need to activate the necessary settings.

Keep in mind, that Google Mail will work, but access to other services will be closed.

Express terms and conditions

Regular price – $12.95 usd/month

Monthly payment with a six month plan – $9.99 usd/month

You save 22% by paying directly $59.94 usd

At the annual + 3 month tariff monthly fee is $6.57 usd/month

You save half by paying immediately $99.94 usd

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Free VPNs for Gmail

Organizations associated with the government of the PRC regularly issue free shareware. Thus, developers get user data. Sometimes they even obtain passwords. Providers sell this information to marketing companies or pass it on to regulatory authorities. Usually, Internet speed is so slow that Gmail works either intermittently or not at all. If you want to have a stable connection, then these products will definitely not suit you.

VPN for gmail in China

We strongly recommend that you avoid free VPN offers. You risk the confidentiality of your Gmail account and other services attached to it.

How to use paid VPN for free

The price of the best offers does not exceed 13 dollars per month. With a long subscription, you can reduce the monthly fee by 70%. At this cost, there is no point in risking the security of your data. You get a fast, stable connection with access to any information and all applications.

In case of a long trip, we recommend that you immediately purchase an annual plan. The subscription fee in this case will decrease to 5 dollars. If you are on short trip, then use the test period or the money-back warranty. All leading developers give such options in their packages.

ExpressVPNNordVPNVyprVPNFree software
Connects Gmail in China /
Data protection
Masks user activity
Protects privacy
Anti virus protection
Password protection
Moneyback warranty, days3030no
Free trial, daysno7 days3 days
Anuall subscription, USD/month6.673.492.50

Only with high-quality VPN service in China, you are guaranteed to protect the main Google account. Be vigilant and keep your data safe.

ExpressVPN to unlock gmail in PRC

Frequently asked questions

How to log in to Gmail in China?

To connect to the service you need VPN. Some chain hotels have a Chinese VPN on the router. Via Wi-Fi, you can connect to e-mail, but better not take the risk. Do not trust the password from your gmail account to public Wi-Fi. Go to the global Internet exclusively through reliable services.

How to connect to Google in China?

Access to the platform is opened only through virtual private network. With a good application, you will have a connection with all services: mail, YouTube, search engine, documents and others.

What email is working in China?

Chinese services will be difficult to use. Firstly, the interface is in characters, and secondly, you compromise your privacy. Better use international platforms. By setting up forwarding from Gmail to Yahoo, you’ll get access to your mail. However, you won’t have access to all blocked global services.

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