How to download VPN in China

VPN should be downloaded before arriving in China. However, anyone can be without access to the international network. Technically, in such situation, there are difficulties for downloading software from global resources. To resume access to the necessary applications, in any case, you need a virtual private network. Free of charge application in China are dangerous to use. They are released by pro-government organizations to collect user data. High-quality apps have been removed from the Chinese branches of AppleStore and GooglePlay. And providers’ websites are blocked.

However, there are ways to get desktop and mobile VPN-apps in PRC. In this review, you will be introduced to the sequence of how to do so.

Download VPN in China

Effective VPN in China 2021


expressvpn for smartphone

Download and get the maximum communication speed

While in China, many users download software from Express. Initially, most users naively believe in the quality of a free virtual private network. After unsuccessful attempts to access global Internet, people acquire high-quality services. The company has been a leader in providing reliable cyberspace connection for many years.

Express uses technology to prevent short-term shutdowns. Many business people download this VPN-service while visiting remote Chinese provinces. Coverage in industrial areas is weak, but is enough to be online and in touch with your contacts. Additionally, the developer utilizes complex network of substitute servers. This particularly prevents strict filtering from the Great Firewall.

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nordvpn for PC

Ultimate security for data downloading

The provider has created a VPN-product with enhanced security technology. Folks who need an additional privacy download Nord’s software. The company uses special spoofing servers. The function provides a stable bypass of the Golden Shield during periods of firewall enforcement. The technology disguises a virtual private network connection as a regular http data. With Nord, you are guaranteed to keep safe your information from additional checks by the authorities.

It is possible to install applications on multiple devices. Therefore, the service is great for group trips. So, families traveling to China choose to download Nord VPN. By obtaining just one account, you can install applications on 6 devices. The absence of risks and favorable commercial conditions make the service one of the most attractive on Chinese market.

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VyprVPN on laptop and mobile

Convenient downloading process and user friendly interface

The European manufacturer has placed particular emphasis on ease of use. Even inexperienced users can easily download Vypr VPN applications in China. The developer uses only its own servers located in leading network zones. Many server-centers are located throughout Southeast Asia. This gives additional speed acceleration.

The company is known for its unique Chameleon protocol. It hides data stream from the scrutiny of the Great Firewall. The speed of each server is displayed in the application interface. During any session, you can select a server with the better speed. Then, other devices will automatically connect to this node. By downloading Vypr, you get an A-class access to global cyberspace.

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Substitute websites for VPN-provider

mirror sites for downloading VPN

The sites of the leading virtual private network providers in China are blocked. In other words, while in the country, you can’t go to their site and download software. Therefore, top providers have separate resources for Chinese purchases. Rarely substitute sites are blocked, so generally you will have a chance to get around. In 2021, this is the most stable option. Use these urls:

  • Express –
  • Nord –,
  • Vipr –

Try NordVPN for 30 days

Features of available VPN in PRC

We tested different services, which can be downloaded within Golden Shield. More detailed information, you can find in our regular reviews.

Moneyback offer30 days30 days
Free test, days3 days
Monthly fee on annual package USD$6.67$3.47$2.50
Circumvent Chinese Firewall

Moreover, top applications can be installed on several devices simultaneously.

Download NordVPN in China

Via Wi-fi in hotels

Well-known international hotels provide a public VPN. The product is immediately installed on the router. In large cities, hotels such as Hilton, Inter-Continental, Marriott or Shangri-La provide this opportunity. Second-tier hotels can provide a virtual private network, but its quality is dubious.

list of hotels with VPN in China

There are cafes and restaurants in the hotel lobby. Order tea and you will be given a Wi-Fi password. Through it, you can easily purchase necessary software from a selected provider. After registering an account, install applications on a your computer or smartphone.

Use your friend’s PC

download apk file with VPN

As a rule, foreigners living in China already have a configured VPN. These can be acquaintances of acquaintances, and most often foreign students. Ask a friend who has access to outside of the Firewall cyberspace to download an installation file for you. Install the software, go through authorization and you can use the service.

If you do not know anyone in PRC, then contact relatives or friends. At your home network, they will download the distribution package for your application. The easiest way is to transfer the file through a cloud service. The link can be sent by e-mail or even SMS, it will reach you in any case.

Secure VPN for downloading

Download and install APK on your phone

Chinese smartphone apps branches do not have virtual private network applications. Even through public wi-fi, you won’t find boot files in GooglePlay or AppleStore. Go directly to the developer’s resource. Most likely it will be a substitute site. You will be able to download a VPN-service installation file from it.

Nord VPN pricing and discounts

NordVPN money back guarantee

For a monthly packes you pay $11.95 per month.

On an annual subscription, the cost drops to 6.99 dollars/month.

If you subscribe for 3 years, the price is only 3.49 dollars/month.

Get NordVPN unlimited

Change country in the AppStore

While in PRC, you will by default be redirected to the Chinese branch of Appstore. You need to change the country in your account settings. To do this, get a new Apple ID that can be attached to yahoo or yandex-mail. Both services operate in China. Next, try downloading any application from the AppleStore. The system will request your country and account information. Choose USA, in its branch there are all applications. You must enter your credit card information.

VPN on smartphones in China

Of course, a bank card must be American. To get one, you can purchase a Visa gift card. Usually, you can find offers for such cards on TaoBao. Verify your account and get the application.

How to connect in roaming

Cellular providers of some countries give affordable prices for Internet connection in roaming. In this case, you will have access to the store’s home division. Then, you can easily download a VPN-application to your mobile device. You can always make a smartphone an access point and install the software on other devices. By the way, the application works smoothly on a Chinese SIM-card.

Can be downloaded in Hong-Kong or Macau

In the administrative zones of China, there is always access to the global Internet. If you live near the island part, then it is enough to go there for just a couple of hours. Sometimes you don’t even have to go anywhere. You might have an access just close to the border. Then you us usually download VPN directly from China. Next, configure the application by following installation manual. In the border zone of Shenzhen, there is usually a less strict censorship, so you can get an access to global space.

map of China, Hong Kong

To get more insight, you can read our detailed reviews. There is all the necessary information for choosing a VPN for China. We regularly test products and publish latest prices in 2021. Choose a provider with suitable terms and obtain a software.

Frequently asked questions

How to download free VPN in China for Android?

We strongly recommend avoiding shareware in PRC. As a rule, tempting offers are created in order to obtain user data. You can even compromise passwords and billing information.

How to use OperaVPN plugin in China?

In Mainland, this browser add-on does not work at all, neither for smartphones, nor for laptops. To go beyond the modern Golden Shield, you need much more technologically advanced products.

How to check if a particular VPN works in China?

Ask the support service provider. They should know if their product works in the country. All the brands, which we recommend, work great. Feel free to choose any service from the above.

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