VPN for Facebook in China

How to access facebook in PRC

You can connect to Facebook in China through a virtual private network. The management of the corporation has been negotiating for several years to return to the Chinese market. However, in order to reach a compromise, a social network must fulfill a number of fundamental conditions. It is unlikely that in 2021, the connection to Facebook in China will open. However, through VPN, the platform continues to work.

Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp are also blocked. There is lots of proxy servers in free access. But almost all of them work unacceptably slowly. A ordinary web-page can take tens of minutes to load. Our team knows everything about virtual private networks. We are constantly checking for new services, and publish reports on how to access the most popular social platform in China.

VPN for facebook in China

Using Facebook in China 2021 thru VPN


expressvpn for smartphone

High-speed communication in any region of the country

The manufacturer has created the most functional VPN product for connecting to Facebook in China. When creating a service, Express emphasized data transfer rates. To prevent disconnections, the traffic goes through the spoofing servers. You can easily make long-distance video or voice calls through the Messenger. With Express, all your data is reliably protected from hacking or leakage.

Regardless of your location in PRC, the application provides full access to the platform. In addition, you get access to all other international services, such as WhatsApp, YouTube, Instagram and others. When setting up an account, select the automatic search for a high-speed server. Then, on all other devices, the application will immediately connect to the marked channel.

The program works without failures on all MacOS, Linux, Android, iPhone and Windows systems.

ExpressVPN for FB in China


nordvpn for PC

Complete privacy for demanding users

Nord has developed a unique traffic encryption protocol specifically for virtual private networks. The product is suitable for trips to any province of the mainland country. Each communication session is reliably protected from unauthorized intrusions. You can easily log into your social accounts or send important documents. By default, the package comes with a browser plugin that blocks redundant ads in web content.

The developer adapted applications for popular operating systems and mobile devices. The step-by-step installation is extremely understandable, and the settings are turned on automatically. Of course there is a manual connection, but you are unlikely to need it. A special feature of the program are spoofing servers. They provide security against traffic blocking in China.

New users get a free trial for a week.

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VyprVPN on laptop and mobile

Easy application with user-friendly interface

Vypr offers one of the most reliable VPN products for China. The company has created a special Chameleon technology that steadily bypasses the Great Firewall. The protocol masks the transmitted data, preventing communication disconnections. Even in the days of increased control by the authorities, you will be able to access Facebook. The service works great for video messaging or computer games.

The program is adapted for all current iPhone and Android models. The company has focused on the mobile application, so the connection starts automatically. It is extremely rare that you may need technical support, which by the way works around the clock. With Vypr, using your favorite social platform in PRC will be as familiar as at home.

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Free services for Facebook in China

Facebook censorship in China

There are free connection options through a proxy server. Technically, you will have an access to global cyberspace, but even a light page will load for about 20 minutes.

In the public domain there are shareware applications, issued by Chinese government. Connecting to the platform is slow, with the possibility of loss of privacy. An application may contain a bot that collects your user information. Personal data is transferred to the authorities and sold to advertising agencies.

NordVPN for social networking

How to use VPN in China for free

nordvpn guarantee for Facebook

There are options for connecting to top offers without payment. By using a full-fledged product, you get a limited access to global social networks.

Small developers like WiskyApp offer shareware options. As a rule, you will have restrictions on traffic up to 10 GB and the number of connections.

It is better to immediately contact the leading manufacturers. You can choose the money-back offers or use a free test periods.

With a guarantee of return, you will have a connection for 30 days with high-speed uninterrupted Internet. Use the product for a month; you can even easily travel within the country. And after 29 days you need to submit a request to for a full refund.

VPN comparison to use FB

We tested different services, which let you to log into fb.com. More detailed information, you can find in our regular reviews.

Moneyback offer30 days30 days
Free test, days3 days
Monthly fee on annual package USD$6.67$3.47$2.50
Circumvent Chinese Firewall

Top applications can be installed on several devices simultaneously. All these services make social networks accessible.

VPN for fb.com in PRC

Pay less when buying a VPN

Nord offers a free trial period for a week. You are using a full product with all the features of the paid version. Vypr gives free-of-charge trial period for 3 days.

If you have a long trip, then just buy a semi-annual or annual package. At a 12-month tariff, the cost of a monthly fee is only $3.

Nord VPN pricing and discounts

NordVPN money back guarantee

For a monthly packes you pay $11.95 per month.

On an annual subscription, the cost drops to 6.99 dollars/month.

If you subscribe for 3 years, the price is only 3.49 dollars/month.

Get NordVPN unlimited

Choose the best VPN for Facebook

When choosing a service in China, make a priority for the stability of communications and the security of your personal data. The maximum price for a solid product will be no higher than $13. For this money, you can only buy two meals in an average Chinese cafe.

Being guided by a desire to reduce costs by $3-5, you run the risk of being left without access to the global cyberspace.

Data encryption
Browsers pluginChrome, FirefoxChrome, Firefox
Monthly fee, USD/month12.9511.9512.95
Annual package, USD99.9583.8880.00
Free trial, days73
Cancelation policy, days3030

In the table, we have prepared a summary of 3 major VPN providers in China. In specialized reports, we publish more detailed descriptions with technical specifications.

How and where download VPN in China

download VPN for Android

Try to establish a VPN before leaving for China. Inside the country, manufacturers’ sites are blocked. At the request of the government, their applications are removed from the Chinese Apple-Store and Google-Play. A vicious circle occurs – you need a virtual private network to install it. But if you find yourself in this situation, then you can download the product without a virtual network in several ways:

  • Third-party sites of other developers;
  • Installation through hotel Wi-Fi;
  • Downloading an application with the help of friends;

The easiest way to connect to Facebook is to immediately buy a high-quality VPN service. Take advantage of the offers of Express or Nord. With these providers, you can use money-back warranty, is case you are not satisfied with their products.

Specific VPN settings in China

We check every offer on the market and recommend only quality programs. The services we tested automatically configure the connection and let you use popular social network. However, in rare cases, there may be nuances.

There are practically no problems to get Facebook online on a PC or Mac.

When choosing for Android and iOS smartphones, be sure to look at the system requirements. Just in case, consult with a technical support.

Sometimes there may be a dedicated channel for China, then immediately choose it.

Keep customer support contacts off-line. Technical support of major providers, works around the clock. Usually, they resolve a problem within an hour.

NordVPN to social posting in PRC

Frequently asked questions

How to use a browser plugin for Facebook?

Yes, you can access the web version of the service on desktops and laptops. Express gives an extension when purchasing a client-service. Nord does not even require the purchase of an application, that is, you can generally test the add-on for free. Nevertheless, for a reliable access to any online resources and applications, it is better to immediately install client service.

Why did the Chinese authorities block Facebook?

In 2010, during mass clashes in Urumqi, criminals coordinated their actions through the social platform. After the riots, the government demanded that access to user correspondence. FB management did not want to compromise user privacy. Then government blocked it.

How to download VPN for Facebook in China?

Carefully read our reviews for each developer. Choose the appropriate one and go to its website. Create an account on the supplier’s resource and purchase a suitable plan. The step-by-step installation is simple and almost automatic. Turn on the connection and go to browse the social network.

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