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How to access Internet in PRC

China has built a high-tech infrastructure that provides unparalleled Internet speed almost everywhere. However, it is convenient for the Chinese. Great Firewall blocks access to the open space of the global network. Having arrived to PRC, you will encounter a number of inconveniences. You will see that many sites do not open, and popular applications are blocked. Golden Shield covers even the usual search services. The remaining available resources are extremely slow.

The proper level of Internet access in the mainland provides a virtual private network. VPN connections provide access to any information source. You will have a high-speed connection with guaranteed confidentiality. The quality of the cyber access depends on the mobile operators and the chosen VPN provider. We regularly test and publish reports on new tools for connecting to the World Wide Web in China.

VPN for internet in China

Best VPN for China 2021


expressvpn for smartphone

High speed connection to the global cyberspace

A leading virtual network developer for China, Express offers complete connectivity. The company owns a separate technology for guaranteed bypass of the firewall. The developer introduced a complex of special servers that instantly restore broken connections. Even during busy rush hours, you’ll be in online.

With Express, you get stable access to the global network, regardless of the mobile provider or the quality of public Wi-Fi. During tight control, the technology withstands even increased attacks from the authorities. The product gives you the fully required Internet connection throughout the whole country. The service is suitable for any familiar tasks, even streaming video or conference calls on instant messengers.

The manufacturer has adapted to all operating systems Android, iOS, Mac, Windows and Linux. There are separate applications for routers. The company offers several packages to choose from and provides a 30-day return guarantee.

ExpressVPN to unlock sites in China


nordvpn for PC

Powerful Communication Privacy Protection in China

Users with increased security requirements for their data choose Nord. The government has significantly tightened censorship of the Chinese Internet. To bypass firewall filters, the company has created special encoding technology for the transmitted data. The provider has delivered separate servers for China. They encrypt traffic by activating TOR connections and add duplicate channels.

On many Chinese sites, you will come across built-in ads. Some resources may even distribute malware. Nord has provided all possible user information leakage scenarios. Hidden DNS servers provide guaranteed security. A browser plug-in reliably protects against unauthorized entry into your device. Additionally, the manufacturer has allocated separate channels for video games.

Applications are fully compatible with all mobile devices and desktop computers. All new subscribers receive a 30-day return guarantee.

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VyprVPN on laptop and mobile

Lightweight apps with smart usability

Vypr uses the unique Chameleon technology working through Open-VPN. The service provides connection to any Internet resource in PRC. Due to traffic masking, the program stably avoids even increased blocking operations. The developer wrote an encryption protocol that protects against breaks in virtual private networks. Customers praise Vypr for its intuitive interface and 24/7 customer support.

The manufacturer has carried out integration for all platforms and devices. The application displays the connection speed. You can mark a suitable server. When connecting other devices, the stored channel will turn on automatically. Plus, you have the option of multiple connections at the same time.

If this is your first time activating an account, you get a 3-day trial period for free. You will have a full package with all the features of the paid version.

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International roaming service

Internet roaming in China

Most mobile operators have set disproportionately high roaming prices in China. Voice communication can reach $3 per minute. When you go to the country, check current rates with your mobile provider. Pay special attention to Internet connection, which is most likely more expensive than in other countries. In general, rates may vary, but the difference is likely to be insignificant. During peak tourist season, prices may decrease slightly.

It happens that small regional companies do not provide roaming in China at all. Therefore, to stay in touch, check current terms with your carrier.

VPN comparison for China

We tested different services, which let you browse internet in PRC. More detailed information, you can find in our regular reviews.

Moneyback offer30 days30 days
Free test, days3 days
Monthly fee on annual package USD$6.67$3.47$2.50
Circumvent Chinese Firewall

Top applications can be installed on several devices simultaneously. All these services make using global net easy as a breeze.

Secure VPN for China

Mobile Internet in China

The same state providers, but the conditions are different:

Despite the high-speed technology, China-Telecom does not always connect to international smartphones. Before buying a SIM card, be sure to consult or test the connection with the provider. If there is a connection, then you will get a stable VPN.

huawei and phrase mobile Internet
Mobile ProviderChinese nameNotes
China-Unicom中国 通High speed internet in China. Works great for business and private usage. New standard 4G, supports 3G.
China-Mobile中国 移Works with any new smartphones. Standard connection to 4G, supports 3G. Old models need to be checked.
China-Telecom中国 信Works mobile routers in China. Unblocked devices might not work.

VPN for browsing in PRC

Rent a pocket Wi-Fi for travel

Rental of a pocket wi-fi router is available in all major cities in the country. You get mobile access through which you can go online or make voice calls through instant messengers. Since the SIM card is already built into the router, you just have to choose a tariff and pay for the service. Through portable wi-fi, you will have access to the global cyberspace immediately on all devices.

wifi for rent in China

The service is perfect for short trips. If you are not going to purchase a Chinese SIM-card, renting will be a convenient solution. You can order a mobile router through the sites of major service providers. You can reserve equipment before arriving in the country. The device will be delivered to airport or your hotel. The international airports of Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai provide this service.

Pocket Wi-Fi is not larger than a smartphone in size; it has the usual functions of stationary routers. With a personal password, you get a personal access point to the network. The solution is great for group travel.

Huawei mobile wifi for China

Portable Wi-fi equipment is provided by:

  • Supplier X-Comm – $8 per day;
  • Supplier Sin-Connect – $10 per day;
  • 3G Solutions provides a 3-day package for $12. With it, you can immediately connect to a virtual private network.

Portable Wi-Fi provides a convenient connection to the network, but does not provide bypass locks. To access international resources in PRC, tourists must acquire a VPN service.

Free Internet in China

map of China, smartphone, free wifi

In large cities where foreign visitors come, you can find public Wi-Fi. Free Internet is available in chain restaurants and international hotels. If you are their client, then just get the password for access to the Wi-Fi point. The connection speed in such places is always extremely slow. You can send a text message by e-mail or messenger. However, you will not have a chance to make a voice or video call.

In order to maintain confidentiality and protect your user data, you should connect to public Wi-Fi only through a VPN. Otherwise, you may lose passwords or even credit card information.

The Internet on business trips and for tourists

Internet via VPN in China

China is actively launching public Wi-Fi at transport infrastructure facilities. Formally, free access to the global network is on many intercity trains. However, the transfer speed is so slow that you can’t even view web content. You will do a short correspondence, but definitely not calls or transfer of media files. For the security of your data, be sure to connect thru a virtual private network.

Public Wi-Fi is available at airports in major cities in China. You can connect to it only if you have a local number.

How Internet coffee shops work in China

As in other countries, in the Internet cafe in China, you will get access to already connected computers. When purchasing a service, you must submit ID-documents. But, not all Chinese online cafes accept foreign passports. Moreover, there are definitely no VPN applications. Accordingly, there is no access to the global hyperspace.

Do not waste time. Immediately purchase a paid VPN product from a well-known developer. The subscription price for a month will not exceed $13. If you choose a several months plan, then discounts will be up to 70%. This is the only way you will get access to high-speed Internet in mainland.

Nord VPN pricing and discounts

NordVPN money back guarantee

For a monthly packes you pay $11.95 per month.

On an annual subscription, the cost drops to 6.99 dollars/month.

If you subscribe for 3 years, the price is only 3.49 dollars/month.

Access internet in PRC via NordVPN

Home Internet in China

For a long trip, you should ask your chinese neighbors about the quality of local Internet. There are several government communications providers, each with its’ own nuances.

Mobile ProviderRegions
China-UnicomInner Mongolia, Shandong and Xinjang provinces
China-TelecomSouth regions of Yunnan, Guangdong, Fuxin, Liaoning provinces
China-MobileCentral provinces and noth

Do not go online in PRC through budget providers. These are such as DragonComm, Tsinhua and others.

When you don’t need a VPN in China

The Golden Shield does not cover conditionally independent zones of Hong Kong and Macao. However, Chinese censorship carefully filters data in these provinces. You will be able to use international messengers and social networks. However, streaming resources such as Hulu, Netflix, or HotStar will remain subject to regional restrictions.

Wi-Fi is available in public areas. But you should use it with additional caution. Cyber scammers regularly operate in open access points. With this connection, it is highly undesirable to make online payments. Refrain from saving passwords, and especially do not log in to your personal banking account.

In border areas of the country, there may also be easing of online censorship. For example, in Manchuria, most of the global Internet resources are sometimes available. Although, during periods of tightening, you will need a virtual private network. To check access to international resources, use special sites. We have shown results of verification on such platforms in the screenshots:

checking site blocking in China
site accessibility in China

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Resources that can’t be accessed in China

banned sites logos in China

Well-known social networks, streaming platforms, and search services in China are closed. Even usual client services and mobile apps don’t work. Of course, there are Chinese analogues for everything. But usual information and your contacts will not be there. We have compiled reviews each of those blocked resources. There you will find recommendations for the most cases.

For unlimited access from China to the global Internet, you should use VPN. But keep in mind that providers’ official websites are blocked. Mobile apps have been removed from Chinese branches. Therefore, install a service while at your home network. However, for emergency situations, we have a step-by-step description of how to download VPN in China.

NordVPN unlimited in China

Frequently asked questions

Does China Have High Speed Internet?

Yes, such an opportunity can be obtained with almost any provider. However, you must understand that without a VPN, you will not have a connection. Some Internet service providers underestimate traffic quota during peak periods. Without VPN, the speed will be unambiguously slow.

How do Chinese authorities control the Internet?

The government has set filters at the level of providers and mobile operators. The control is so tight that almost all the usual international resources are blocked. Advanced VPN technologies encode traffic or use spoofing DNS servers. As a result, you get a stable high-speed connection.

Where is the best way to connect mobile Internet in China in 2021?

For registration you must present a Chinese SIM-card. Immediately contact the corporate provider shop. In large cities, managers generally speak English. Stugy the package conditions before purchasing a tariff. In large companies, you will definitely be helped to activate your plan and even test the connection.

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