VPN for YouTube in China

How to access Youtube in PRC

YouTube has become a leading resource by the number of regular visitors. The platform ranks first in terms of the number of videos posted and viewed. By the number of searches per day, the resource became second in the world. Billions of people are using the service daily.

Back in 2010, the PRC authorities blocked the platform. After the political unrest, the government decided to disable access to Google, Gmail, Facebook and other services. However, using a virtual network, you can bypass the Great Firewall and watch YouTube in China. We regularly test all VPN products and prepare detailed reviews for you. Here, you will receive the necessary information to select the appropriate provider.

VPN for youtube in China

Youtube in China 2021 by using VPN


expressvpn for smartphone

Speedy connection for watching videos

Accessing your favorite videos in China requires uninterrupted communication and the fastest possible transfer of information. With Express, you will receive a fully suitable service for such tasks. You will calmly watch any content, without preloading. The company has servers in the countries of Southeast Asia. Such geographical proximity to PRC provides the proper speed for watching even HD-video.

Unlike just browsing the web, using YouTube requires high-bandwidth data channels. Video files occupy the largest part of modern traffic. Having developed its own virtual private network technology, Express stably provides the necessary speed for watching videos.

ExpressVPN for Youtube in China


nordvpn for PC

Watching videos through encrypting protocols

Chinese leadership is closely following everything that is published on Google. As part of the Google Corporation, YouTube falls under the general blocking of the service. The rules of censorship in the country are regularly strengthened. Upon arrival, Internet users quickly realize the nuances of connecting to the global Internet. Only solid technology guarantees the security of personal data.

Nord provides the level of international privacy. The company does not keep connection logs. This directly ensures the complete anonymity of viewing videos. The developer has introduced a unique traffic encryption protocol. It owns its own proprietary servers, which provide high-speed video downloads in China.

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VyprVPN on laptop and mobile

High-speed video file upload channels

Vypr has specifically expanded its connection channels for watching YouTube in China. Traffic passes through the company’s high-throughput gateways. Even at the time of peak downloads, users are satisfied. To circumvent the Golden Shield, the manufacturer has implemented a confusing open-vpn-based communications chain. Easy to use, the Chameleon algorithm completely hides personal data when entering the service.

The application provides high-speed access to the international Internet in any conditions. Even high-resolution videos load without buffering. During periods of heavy blocking of virtual networks, you will still have access to the resource. The provider uses only proprietary servers. That means, that you get an absolute security of your user data.

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Test your internet speed

Broadcast quality in China directly depends on the data transfer speed. Youtube or other platforms such as Netflix only work on fast connections. You can get access to high-speed Internet in China using two steps:

  • Make sure your provider has the necessary download speed. To watch videos, Google requires the minimum speed of 5 Mbit/second. A connection with such parameters stably provides viewing in HD-resolution. You can always identify the speed of your Internet on the resources such as speedtest.net.
  • If you already have a high-speed connection, then check the total load on the channel. Disable active browser tabs. Make sure that other applications do not take bandwidth on themselves.
YouTube logo and phrase access YouTube in China

To upload large video files, choose a time with reduced network load. While in PRC, it is better to do so during daytime.

NordVPN for video-streaming

Which service is better for YouTube?

In different regions, the speed of the virtual private networks can vary greatly. Advanced v-loggers acquire two accounts at once. Therefore, if you have a profitable YouTube channel, then provide yourself a backup option. By paying only $12, you get guaranteed stability and high-speed Internet.

Advanced vloggers choose Express as their primary service. For a fallback, they often use Nord or Vypr.

VPN comparison to watch Youtube

We tested different services, which let youtube working. More detailed information, you can find in our regular reviews.

Moneyback offer30 days30 days
Free test, days3 days
Monthly fee on annual package USD$6.67$3.47$2.50
Circumvent Chinese Firewall

Top applications can be installed on several devices simultaneously. All these services make video-streaming easy as a breeze.

VPN for youtubing in PRC

Is there a proxy to watch YouTube in China

You can also access the platform through a proxy server. You do not need to activate a separate application. Just enter the proxy address in your browser. In any search engine, you can easily find free offers for proxy services. Keep in mind that shareware products are completely unsafe. Better immediately put a paid proxy, and read reviews about the selected offer.

phrase YouTube via Chinese VPN

However, the speed even through high-quality proxy connections is slow. For streaming video, only a virtual private network is a reliable option.

Unlock Youtube in China

Free VPN for YouTube

Almost all developers of free software cooperate with the Chinese government. By installing such a service for YouTube in PRC, you risk your online privacy. Typically, an application purposefully collects user information and hands it over to the authorities. Due to the huge load on one channel, the data transfer speed is extremely slow. You can upload a small file for hours.

There are shareware offers in Mainland. The terms of these providers are also unattractive. A limited number of servers and a 500 Mbit traffic quota make Internet access non-functional.

Nord VPN pricing and discounts

NordVPN money back guarantee

For a monthly packes you pay $11.95 per month.

On an annual subscription, the cost drops to 6.99 dollars/month.

If you subscribe for 3 years, the price is only 3.49 dollars/month.

NordVPN for youtube in China

Watch Youtube in China at high speed using a free VPN

For short trips to the mainland, the money-back service is in high demand. This is a kind of guarantee of the return of an IT product. You purchase the service for 1 month and use it. Before the end of the warranty period, you must complete a statement with the refusal of further subscription. Within a few days, the supplier fully refunds your money. Two providers in China offer these terms:

  • Most users choose Express. The company has created a virtual network at the highest speed. Its technology allows you to watch YouTube at any time, regardless of location. The supplier provides round-the-clock support and a return guarantee.
  • Nord has a stable market leadership position. The provider has written a special protocol that regularly issues high-speed communications. To overcome strict firewall, they have implemented a traffic obfuscation protocol. You can watch the video for a month and then issue a refund.

The test period is an alternative free of charge option. Nord company provides service without payment for 7 days, and Vypr for 3 days.

SmartDNS for YouTube

Some video platforms can work through SmartDNS. The technology works on resources with restrictions on location, such as Netflix, Pandora or Hulu. However, for YouTube in China, this protocol is not valid. The video platform in the country is blocked at the provider level. Therefore, SmartDNS in this case does not provide communication.

smart-dns logo on various devices

Subtleties of setup and use

Traffic masking technologies are best suited for streaming video. Choose Express, which has a built-in function with automatic traffic obfuscation. On Vypr, you can optionally connect the Chameleon protocol, which uses obfuscating servers. You should also pay attention to providers offering separate servers for video.

Connects to Youtube in China /
Supports HD-videos
High-speed uploading
Unlimited data transfer
Connects to Netflix
Monthly fee, USD/month12.9511.9512.95
Free trial, daysno7 days3 days
Warranty return, days3030no

Before recommending a provider, we always test its products. Applications from both vendors went through our experts. Feel free to connect to anyone. You do not risk anything, because both companies give a free test or a guarantee of return.

NordVPN to get streaming in PRC

Frequently asked questions

Which service is the best fit for YouTube in China?

First you need to connect to the VPN application. Choose a convenient server to connect. Get a paid product right away, so you’ll avoid connection problems. If the connection does not appear, then contact support. With top services, this happens extremely rarely.

What to do if the speed of YouTube is slow?

By default, a high quality virtual private network connects high-speed servers. However, in some provinces of China, you may have to choose a server manually. Write to tech support, they work around the clock. Usually they resolve a problem within an hour.

Why did Chinese government block access to YouTube?

Due to anti-government information on the Internet, the authorities completely blocked all Google services. For example, a lot of videos about Tiananmen Square are circulating on the platform. This information is subject to censorship in PRC. However, you can connect to the platform through a virtual private network.

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