VPN for Instagram in China

First thing to know before posting in China

Visiting China, you can create a ton of attractive photos and videos for Instagram. You will receive media content for several posts per day in the news feed or story. The platform in the country is blocked, but access can be configured through a VPN. Once the application is installed on your smartphone or iPad, continue to chat with friends.

An overabundance of paid and freely available applications for posting in China made the choice difficult. There are many poor-quality and dangerous services in the public domain. Government services tightly control access to the global network. Be careful when choosing a virtual private network provider. The modern rhythm of information exchange makes it necessary to have a stable connection through messengers and a secure access to common wi-fi points. We have prepared a detailed comparison of top VPN services for Instagram.

VPN for instagram in China

Instagram functioning in China 2021 via VPN


expressvpn for smartphone

Ultra-fast data transfer

Express is the best choice for advanced insta-bloggers. Usability is convenient to use. The service stably provides high-speed Internet. You will have a guaranteed Internet supply, regardless of location or a mobile operator. You will be with uninterrupted communication anywhere in the mainland PRC, where there is access to the network.

The multi-channel instantly switches on a spare server in case of interruption. During public holidays or important political events, when VPN networks are tightly controlled, communication goes through closed backup channels. In case of possible breaks, kill-switch technology ensures uninterrupted information exchange. Therefore, Express is an indispensable solution in PRC.

Express constantly holds a leading position in industry research. You have the most favorable conditions to continue posting. Application is compatible with all systems – Mac, Windows, Android and iOS. You will get 30 days return guarantee. There are 3 connection points per license.

ExpressVPN with 49% discount


nordvpn for PC

Advanced user data protection

Can’t connect to Instagram in mainland? – Nord is a great solution. The company has unique technologies for encoding traffic, and makes blocking impossible. With this product, the security of your information is guaranteed. Numerous servers, constantly changing data transmission channels, guarantee a stable online access and complete user safety.

The company supplies a virtual private network, which is integrated with all advanced platforms. Buying a license, you get the ability to simultaneously install on 6 devices. This is the optimal choice for family or group trips. There is a complete lack of logs and the best encryption of information.

For new subscribers, Nord makes it possible to use the product for free for one week. The best offer for a group of friends. When you purchase a license for a long period, you will receive a 70% discount.

Get discount 70% for NordVPN


VyprVPN on laptop and mobile

Uninterrupted connection for non-stop posting

Vypr team has created a product fully integrated with Mac, PC, iOS and Android. A simple and intuitive application makes it easy to use even for technically unconfident subscribers in China. With Vypr you instantly log into the social platform, working in all provinces of the country. All servers are the property of this Swiss enterprise. Therefore, the security of your information is guaranteed.

The developer emphasized the creation of a separate Chameleon protocol, designed for regions with strict traffic control rules. Powerful Gold Shield is unable to block this technology. The log-book records some communication sessions, so don’t violate communication law.

At the moment, in 2021, the company offers a 3-day promotion for a free test to everyone who signs up for the first time. For a short-term visit, this is the great solution to stay in touch with the world through posting in China.

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Why Instagram doesn’t work in China?

The government blocked the app in 2014 after Hong-Kong political clashes. Participants in rallies and tourists laid out provocative posts with photos. To prevent anti-government sentiment, authorities shut down the service. In addition, the platform is controlled by Facebook, and the connection to Facebook in China has long been blocked.

Comparison of VPN for social networks in China

We checked performance of various social network services in China. You will find detailed information in our regular publications.

Moneyback offer30 days30 days
Free test, days3 days
Monthly fee on annual package USD$6.67$3.47$2.50
Circumvent Chinese Firewall

Top VPN for instagram can be installed on several devices at once. It is a perfect solution for groups and large families.

Secure VPN for instagram in China

Chinese copies of the global social platform

There is a domestic similar platform Camera-360. The service has similar functionality with additional stickers and filters. It makes sense to put during a long stay to correspond with local friends. But with this application you will not be able to chat with friends overseas. Therefore, there is no full replacement for Insta. You can continue to share with followers and follow the news in the feed via a VPN connection.

Chinese versions of instagram

Instagram in PRC via VPN

How to use Instagram in China?

Install a VPN product on your smartphone. Next, follow the step-by-step instructions to activate your account. Within the PRC, access to manufacturers’ websites is blocked. Internal Google Play and Appstore offer apps only from under-government producers. Accordingly, prior to departure, install and authorize the selected product. After launching the application, you can easily go online and start instagramming from China without restrictions.

Connection to Instagram in China
Desktop Apps
Smartphone Apps
Number of servers2000+5000700+
Return policy, days30 days30 days
Trial in days3 days
Annual package, USD/month$6.67$3.47$2.50




Free VPN for posting

All free VPN products in China are slow and dangerous to use.

There are relatively free virtual private networks, but the speed is extremely slow. You can’t even browse through the feed, not talking about video download. A huge number of people overload the communication channels so that it is even impossible to send text.

Those, who are hoping to save money, connect to Chinese products, pick up viruses and lose user privacy. Due to the total monitoring of the data flow, the connection speed is unacceptably slow. You can read one post, but you won’t be able to scroll through the feed. For detailed VPN comparisons, see our report.

In order to avoid problems, do not connect to Instagram through shareware applications.

Express terms and conditions

Regular price – $12.95 usd/month

Monthly payment with a six month plan – $9.99 usd/month

You save 22% by paying directly $59.94 usd

At the annual + 3 month tariff monthly fee is $6.57 usd/month

You save half by paying immediately $99.94 usd

Get 49% discount for ExpressVPN

Get paid VPN apps without payment

Install VPN services to connect to Instagram in PRC from providers that provide trial use or a return guarantee.

Many manufacturers offer the opportunity to test for free for a week. You get a full version of regular product with all the features. You don’t have to pay, but when you activate your account, you must enter a credit card number. In order not to withdraw money, do not forget to cancel your subscription before the end of the trial period. Nord gives a week of free use, and Vypr for the test gives three days.

The warranty return option is used differently. First, you open an account and pay for a paid product. Before the end of the 30-day period, you need to make a return through the support service. The flagship industry Express and Nord certainly make a full return. Be careful with other companies, they may impose restrictions on the number of communication sessions and the amount of data transferred.

Do not try to save, but rather, immediately purchase paid versions. Your data security and stable speed with trusted VPN are more valuable than a few dollars.

Instagramming in PRC via VPN

Frequently asked questions

What VPN settings are needed for Instagram in PRC?

There is no need to separately activate the program for connecting to the app. All leading products by default have the necessary settings for a stable connection. In rare cases, there is a need to switch the server, which you can easily do yourself.

How to choose a high-speed VPN?

For an Internet connection, there is no difference where the traffic comes from – from Insta or another application. Express Provides the Fastest Speed in any Province of China. You can check offers from Nord for free. We always advise you to compare options and choose your favorite.

What if Instagram in China is not available through VPN?

Check for a connection on the browser or other messengers. First choose a different server, in most cases this is enough. The second thing may be a SIM card, in this case, change the mobile operator. If this does not help, then contact the support service of your provider.

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