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updated on 25.03.2021
  • Moneyback30 days
  • AdvantagesPrivacy
  • Devices5
  • Price startsfrom $6.49 usd/mon

IPVanish VPN is recognized as one of the most secure services. The office and core team of programmers are located in Phoenix, Arizona. The company is recognized as one of the best providers for communication stability. The program has advanced functions, but the interface is easy to understand. Even newbie users can easily switch between modes and functions.

Data transfer rate is at the level with top brands. Streaming video runs without buffering. The product is great for streaming and using torrents. IPVanish guarantees an absolute absence of log files. For rational customers this is the best deal. The developer provides a premium service, for a price below the average.


Similar solutions, with the same level of anonymity, are more expensive by a third. For a monthly plan, the price is only $10.00. On an annual package, you get a 35% discount. Then the price will be $6.49 per month.

Features and Technical Benefits

The developer contains a network of 1400 servers around the world. The service uses advanced communication protocols. Data transfer rate in the upper limits of the industry. The provider applies multilevel data protection. There is traffic masking and protection against DNS leaks:

Devices simultaneously5Protection from IPv6-leaks
Servers worldwide950+Kill-switch
Cities88Browser add-ons
Countries65Mobile Apps
City selectionUnlimited data transfer
Protection from DNS-leaksUnlimited bandwidth

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IPVanish prices in 2021

It make sense to compare the brand with similar services offering enhanced security. In this category, the service is cheaper than the other players. It is rational to buy an annual package, then the payment is $6.49 per month. With monthly payment, the price is only $10.00. There is a free trial period for 7 days. Returns are processed quickly, maxim within 2 weeks.

PackagePer month, USDPrice, USDDiscount
1 month10.00no
3 months8.9926.3925%
1 year6.4977.9946%

A week of a test period is enough to test the app at the limit modes. Applications work on all platforms and devices. The only limitation is the simultaneous connection to one license. The provider does not allow using the service from different IP addresses at the same time.

ipvanish fare options

IPVanish stands out for its flexibility in payment methods. The provider accepts even bitcoins for payment. You can pay by any bank card. From electronic money, it is possible to use so far only PayPal. If you intend to use the moneyback service, it is better to pay by a card.

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Communication Stability and Speed

IPVanish VPN focuses on working with streaming services. The provider uses the function of replacement servers. In this mode, if the connection is lost, the neighboring server instantly picks up traffic. According to user reviews, the service is ideal for Hulu and Netflix. Even streaming 4K video on YouTube will load without buffering. A wide server grid allows you to choose the fastest for your location. Switching between servers is possible without restrictions.

ipvanish traffic speed

Data transfer runs via the optimized OpenVPN protocol. Data is sent in packets using SOCKS5 technology. The connection will be stable, there are practically no breaks. The company does not impose traffic restrictions, which is especially important for streaming.

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IPVanish VPN to bypass filters

Modern firewalls employ deep packet data validation. IPVanish uses traffic obfuscating technology. Data is disguised as a regular http connection and no additional checks are applied.

The service surely passes through the Great Firewall in China, even during days of enhanced control. For all the technological complexity, the application is intuitive even for inexperienced users. The obfuscated server mode can be connected with one click. Users get unlimited access to blocked resources.

ipvanish vpn icon

Install IPVanish VPN at your home Internet network. Some countries, in particular China, block VPN sites. Then, to get the installation file, you have to go to a mirror site. But mirror-sites can also be easily blocked.

AppStore and GooglePlay have mobile apps available. The program interface for smartphones and PCs is very similar. So, when switching between devices, you stay in the same visual environment. Recently, the provider has allowed to install the service on 10 devices. We do not recommend downloading any pirated copies. This is a high-tech product with authentication on the developer’s server. The keys that you find on torrents will be fake. Together with them, you run the risk of downloading virus software.

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Platforms and Devices

IPVanish applications are compatible with major operating systems. Personal computers, laptops and all types of mobile devices support the service:

AndroidAndroid TVLinux
iOSBrowser Add-onWindows
RoutersMac OSAmazon TV
  • Coding engineers regularly update the product for changing OS. If some platform is updated, the provider issues an update within a week. According to user reviews, the service works flawlessly on all systems.
  • The desktop version can be installed on Windows and MacOS. There are even Linux applications. Suitable for working on: Ubuntu, Fedora, Linux Mint and Pop! OS. For streaming TV, there are applications for the Fire-TV or a router.
  • Apps for PCs and routers are on the official IPVanish website. Installation on mobile, you can do directly from application stores. For Android, you can download the apk file from the site. The developer managed to combine a technologically sophisticated product with a simple design. On all platforms, the service has a unified interface. Even technically inexperienced users quickly understand how to run the product.
  • Applications for streaming TV are downloaded from the Amazon appstore. For home use, you can simply install a router version. Then, all your devices will be conveniently in the virtual private network.
ipvanish mobile app

The company took care of the ease of installation. All versions are installed automatically. Basic functions are connected immediately. For most tasks, standard functions are more than enough. For advanced users there is a manual configuration. Server selection works through a convenient filter by country and speed.

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Confidentiality and data protection

IPVanish is attractive with its perfect anonymity. From the very beginning, the provider refused to write log files. The system does not record the connection time, user traffic, and even IP-addresses of clients. According to the ratings by independent experts, the service was chosen as one of the most confidential.

ipvanish no-logs feature

The company uses scrambling technology to leave the filters. Data streams are converted in such a way that even the Great Firewall does not block communications.

Many users have noted a transparent privacy policy. There are no hidden tricks in the document, as competitive companies do.

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Reliability and communication protocols

IPVanish VPN uses the best encryption and traffic masking technology. The provider works on a 256-bit encoding algorithm. AES encryption provides data protection according to world-class standards of the first level. The service automatically applies protection against DNS leaks.

ipvanish VPN protocols

The developer uses a wide range of communication protocols. Depending on a device, the optimal type gets activated:

  • OpenVPN – the basic protocol;
  • PPTP or SSTP – can be selected manually;
  • L2TP/IPSec – used on Android;
  • IKEv2/IKEv6 – basic for MacOS and iOS

The company owns a strong staff of technical specialists. Consultants provide customer support 24/7. It is better to ask questions right in your account. By online chat, they respond within 2-3 minutes. Optionally, you can contact by email. Each request is assigned with a ticket. In general, the quality of technical support is better than the industry average.

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Frequently asked questions

Does IPVanish VPN work in China?

Yes, it works. The provider uses modern technology to mask and encrypt traffic. In addition to scrambling data, the service becomes invulnerable even to the Golden Shield. According to user reviews, the connection is fast and stable.

Where can I get keys for IPVanish?

This is a complex product with a number of modern IT developments. Authentication of licenses takes place on the company’s servers. Even if you find a cracked version, it will be a trick from intruders. From a torrent, you only get malware.

What to do if IPVanish does not connect?

First check your internet connection. If there is a connection, then make sure that you are using the latest version of the application. Sometimes even reinstalling the program helps. If all else fails, then describe the problem to tech support.

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