VPN for instant messengers in China

Why IM services in China work only thru VPN

International messengers in China function only via virtual private network. On a computer browser, you can access web information through special extensions. But instant messengers on a laptop or smartphone are connected only using a VPN-service.

The Golden Shield blocks all popular programs – whatsapp, telegram, instagram, skype, vibe, facebook and others. First, they were partially closed due to anti-government actions, but then were completely blocked. In border areas, rarely can there be a connection. But the uninterrupted messaging in PRC absolutely requires additional services. On our resource we publish new reports on the latest IM-applications. Our experts regularly test new software for smartphones and PCs.

Best VPN for messengers

Messengers’ performance in China 2021 via VPN


expressvpn for smartphone

Communication speed is out of competition

Do you watch and send stories, videos, photos, gifs and other media formats? – This product is for you. Express stably provides fast information transfer and uninterrupted connection. For video and voice calls via instant messengers in PRC – this is the best solution. The kill-switch technology, picking up data when the connection is disconnected, instantly changes the channel. The user receives a continuous connection.

A product with convenient usability that works on all Mac, Android, iPhone, PC, and even Linux operating systems. Simple settings allow even newbie users to easily connect to the network. With Express, any IM in will work without fail in the mainland. The license allows you to connect directly to three devices.

A 30-day full return guarantee makes the product even more attractive.

ExpressVPN with 49% discount


nordvpn for PC

Industry-leading data encoding

With the ability to install on 6 different devices, the product is unrivaled for friends and large families. The latest data protection technology is extremely relevant for the use of IM in the mainland. The application integrates with all popular platforms, such as Mac, iPhone, PC and Android.

Standard settings through simple servers may not allow fast data transfer. In this case, switch session to obfuscated mode. This technology masks the connection so that your messenger works quickly through secure channels. Although, you can send heavy photos in the chat and communicate via video.

When you sign up for the first time, you get a 3-day trial period. While in China, get Nord for free test. After, buy the paid version, which will also have a return guarantee.

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VyprVPN on laptop and mobile

Thoughtful and comfortable UI/UX

The manufacturer became a leader after the launch of the Chinese firewall, when many more powerful providers left the market. Developer provides the best VPN for chatting and messaging. The team has created its Chameleon traffic encryption protocol, which continuously delivers high speed. Mobile Internet can be slower than that of Nord or Express, however the speed via Wi-Fi is great.

The program records some user information. Therefore, for complete confidentiality, buy Nord. However, to bypass the golden shield and to have a stable online connection, Vypr is a worthy solution. A choice of 3 or 5 connections, an option for 5 devices comes with Chameleon technology.

You will get a test period of 7 days. During short visits to PRC, it is an ideal option for instant messaging. Moreover, application has such an outstanding usability, that it’s hard to resist a paid version.

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What messengers do folks use in China

Before departure, tourists and businessmen often ask which applications work in PRC. Let us uncover this for you in details:

  • Tensent QQ – similar to Skype, is becoming less and less popular;
  • Sina Weibo – with the functions of a micro-blog and social network, also quickly becomes obsolete;
  • WeChat is the undisputed leader in China. Everyone has it on a smartphone. The whole platform for dating, chat, money transfer, shopping for goods, services and even calling a taxi. You will need this app for calls and text with local;
  • Bullet is a rising star among IM. Started in 2018, and already powerfully pushed WeChat a little bit. Easy to use, the app transcribes the voice message into text. This function is much more convenient with bullet than with wechat.
wechat and qq apps in China

Other applications: Youni, Wangxin, Momo have narrow application scope, so you are unlikely to use them.

Chinese messengers do not need VPN. However, the entire data stream is tapped and verified with complete violation of user rights.

Obtain VPN for China


whatsapp icon

Now the messenger can only be used using a virtual network in the country. His blockage in 2017 forced the Chinese to massively leave for WeChat.

The service has an impenetrable disguise technology that blocks access to data for the Chinese government. The manufacturer does not accept the transfer of user information to regulatory authorities. So, it was blocked by the authorities. We have prepared a description of how to connect to WhatsApp in mainland via VPN.

VPN for Whatsapp


telegram messenger icon

Until 2016, international users actively communicated through this messenger in China. Blocking the program pushed many people to connect via VPN.

The service can be used exclusively through virtual private network. But you can only open a new account when you have a non-Chinese number. Therefore, you should sign-up for application before arriving to the country. We have prepared a detailed report on the work of Telegram.

VPN for Telegram


instagram icon

The service began to shut down after 2013. PRC government has banned any publication of information about protests or clashes. Chinese people communicate through their domestic counterpart, the Camera-360 platform.

When connecting via VPN, you can always use Instagram in China. And you can follow your friends, their photos and videos in the news feed. Check out our Instagram Connection Guide in PRC.

VPN for Instagram


the Skype icon

Globally, at the household level, the product is used much less often than modern platforms. However, in the business environment, people continue to communicate actively via Skype.

In China, the service has never been popular. After the Chinese copied it, Skype manufacture has banned the use of its trademark. Then the messenger in China changed its name, and the ability to use Skype was closed. But with a VPN you can use Skype in China, check out our detailed report.

VPN for Skype


Viber icon

Viber stopped connecting in 2015. Periodically, access to it was opened and closed. In border areas, it sometimes runs at unacceptably slow speeds. But for stable communication in China, it is better to get virtual private network.

We have prepared a report with the results of tests of Viber in China. There is also a description of what tools to use in order to get smooth operation of this popular messenger.

VPN for Viber

Support for instant messengers via VPN

You can always get the opportunity to use instant messengers in mainland on any device: tablets, smartphones, laptops, PCs, regardless of the operating system:

Mac OS
Devices per license365

Comparison of the best VPN in China

After conducting research, we identified the main opportunities offered by VPN in China. Read detailed reports on all leading developers in our regular publications.

Money-back service30 days30 days
Free trial3 days
Monthly payment, on annual package$6.67$3.47$2.50
Circumvents Golden Shield
Number of servers2000+5000700+

You can put an application for instant messengers on several devices at once, even ten. The only thing, when turned on, you have to disconnect the devices in turn. It is a suitable solution for groups and large families.

Get most secure VPN for China

Free services for instant messengers

Special pre-government companies in PRC freely distribute virtual private network services for instant messengers. So the authorities gain access to traffic data, completely violating user rights. In our report on free VPN, you will learn in detail about dangerous and safe programs.

Express terms and conditions

Regular price – $12.95 usd/month

Monthly payment with a six month plan – $9.99 usd/month

You save 22% by paying directly $59.94 usd

At the annual + 3 month tariff monthly fee is $6.57 usd/month

You save half by paying immediately $99.94 usd

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Paid applications for instant messengers

Look, the price of 12-13 dollars for access to the global network without restrictions is a good deal. Meal in the cities of China on average will cost 5-6 dollars. As you can see, a paid products will not undermine your savings. With a long-term visit, you can reduce the cost to $2.9 usd.

Subscription USD/month6.673.492.50
Contract duration15 months3 years1 year
Price, USD99.95107.5580.00

Read the news of our resource and subscribe to the newsletter to receive the latest information on offers with discounts and promotions.

Get 49% discount for ExpressVPN

Take advantage of paid VPNs for free

It is the best way to access secure and stable instant messaging. No manufacturer of free applications for instant messengers in China provides high speed and reliable connections. Only specialized paid services. The option is great for short trips up to two months.

Use a trial period

Works great when traveling for a few days. The manufacturer Vypr gives you the opportunity to try the service for three days, and Nord offers a whole week without payment. When registering an account, you will be asked to enter credit card details. Before end of free trial, you should unsubscribe, so that not to pay anything.

NordVPN advantages

NordVPN for messengers in China

Take advantage of the 30-day money-back guarantee

When buying a subscription at Express or Nord, you pay a monthly rate. After use, write to the support service to unsubscribe. You will get a full refund. It is important that the refusal of the purchase be within a month.

guarantee for instant messengers vpn in China

ExpressVPN for IM in China

Frequently asked questions

Are there any international messengers in China?

Yes, but they do not work. Without a VPN connection, communication and IM-texting will be unstable. Some hotels provide virtual private network immediately on routers. The speed of access to the worldwide network is extremely slow.

What messengers are banned in China?

It is important to understand that the Chinese government allows the use of all popular applications. Just a connection to them is blocked. Even accessing the Internet through a virtual network is legal. Therefore, all international products are not available, except local.

What messengers work in 2021?

All global applications work perfect via VPN. With user-friendly settings, the connection turns on automatically. Chinese messengers do not require a virtual private network, but the government monitors all information. Your confidentiality is totally violated.

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