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updated on 25.03.2021
  • Moneyback guarantee30 days
  • Prossecurity
  • Devices6
  • Price startsfrom $3.49 usd/mon

NordVPN is the most secure virtual private network of 2021. The provider does not record connection sessions, which guarantees complete anonymity. Based on the latest masking technology, the product guarantees ultimate data protection.

You get a premium quality product for an average market price. The subscription fee is only 11.95 dollars per month. With a long-term package, the discount reaches 72%.


The Nord VPN app comes with a wide arsenal of features. There are hundreds of servers to choose, all of them are in high-tech countries. The app has a separate feature to watch videos or to add more security. The developer has dedicated servers for games and a P2P network. There is additional protection from DDoS attacks. The service easily bypasses even the Golden Shield of China.

Features and Functionality

The provider has been developing communication technologies for over 10 years. In recent years, the company has especially expanded the capabilities of its flagship product for virtual connections:

Devices simultaneously6Protection from IPv6-leaks
Servers worldwide6300+Kill-switch
Cities78Browser add-ons
Anti-virus for web contentMobile Apps
Ads blockingUnlimited data transfer
Protection from DNS-leaksUnlimited bandwidth

Nord VPN free for 1 month

How to get Nord VPN with a discount

NordVPN money back guarantee
  • For a monthly packes you pay $11.95 per month.
  • On an annual subscription, the cost drops to 6.99 dollars/month.
  • If you subscribe for 3 years, the price is only 3.49 dollars/month.

    If you are registering for the first time, you will receive a week of free trial. At your disposal is a fully fledges product with all functions and features. If you don’t want to pay, be sure to cancel your subscription before the end of the test period. On the first purchase, the company gives a 30-day return guarantee. You can use the service, if you didn’t like something, you will get money back.

    PackagePer month, USDPrice, USDDiscount
    1 month11.95нет
    1 year6.9983.8841%
    2 years4.99119.7658%
    3 years3.49125.6470%

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    Payment Methods

    NordVPN payment methods

    Nord VPN allows you to pay by any modern means. The company even accepts cryptocurrency, however, in this case, the moneyback does not apply. If you want to use refund, it is better to pay by credit card.

    • The provider accepts American Express, Visa, Master Card, and many e-wallets. You can pay by PayPal, Yandex, Qiwi, AliPay and others.
    • At the stage of account activation, you will need an email. We recommend using the one to which you have regular access. You will receive guides and technical support answers to it.

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    Speed and quality of communication

    The company has introduced special functionality to switch to a high-speed mode. The application algorithm takes into account your location, ping and speed of nearby servers. The function is quite useful for China, where many services are blocked during political events. You can choose separate connections for games or P2P, which also give high speed. There is a connection via obfuscated-servers, they generally eliminate connection breaks.

    • New generation servers – for users in European countries, connections in Germany or San Francisco are best suited. For the Asian region, especially in China, it is better to choose Hong Kong, Tokyo or Singapore servers.
    • The stability of communications – is the best in the industry. Nord uses spoofing servers that instantly connect in case of disconnection.
    • Apps interface have a manual switching between connections. You can even set your favorite server mode, which will automatically turn on on other devices.
    NordVPN servers

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    NordVPN to bypass censorship

    Nord VPN has developed separate technologies to bypass locks. The service stably hides traffic even from the Great Firewall. The developer uses a number of technologies that steadily bypass the filter:

    • Especially for users in China, all data is transmitted only through servers outside the country. Even if censorship authorities request access to traffic, it is physically impossible to obtain user data. Users receive a full guarantee of security and anonymity.
    • NordVPN was one of the first to introduce obfuscated servers. This software prevents the slightest attempt by mobile operators to monitor traffic. The feature is especially relevant for avoiding strict censorship.

    In this video, the Nord VPN engineer explains how the obfuscated server works:

    Usability and installation process

    NordVPN for mobile

    The company’s designers have created an intuitive application interface. The application on mobile and stationary devices is simple, with one button in the middle of the screen. Unlike other companies, the provider allows you to connect up to 6 devices. The restriction applies to the simultaneous use of a single server and protocol type.

    You can take installation file on the official website. The installation process takes few steps, where you just click the Next button.

    To activate the application, you will need to enter your license information. After, you will be in the main control menu. You can select appropriate servers or enable smart selection. Then the program will offer the best connection.

    Install Nord VPN

    Download Nord VPN

    Download NordVPN at your home Internet area. Because in China, the company’s official website is blocked, and the programs themselves are not in the AppStore and GooglePlay. A mirror site may be available, but sometimes it is also shut down. The solution can always be found through round-the-clock technical support, but it is better to install and configure Nord VPN in a stable Internet zone.

    Downloading a hacked Nord VPN from torrent doesn’t work. You will receive a completely brocken application and waste time. Moreover, the keys for the cracked NordVPN are more likely to be a fraudulent bait. You can get malware onto your computer. There is a risk of losing access to personal data and even payment cards. The problem is that you don’t immediately discover a privacy leak. But it will be too late to rectify the situation.

    Screenshot: download NordVPN for Mac

    Download NordVPN from company’s website

    Nord VPN free of charge

    free NordVPN app

    There is completely official way to get Nord VPN for free. For short-term use, you can obtain fully fledged application. You can use the service unlimited on any device. At registration, you need to submit your credit card details. Therefore, be sure to unsubscribe before ending.

    That way you will have a moneyback service. This is a 30 day return warranty. You can get it only on the official website or mirror site. Before the deadline, you need to apply for a refund. There are restrictions on traffic and the number of devices. So, be sure to check terms and conditions. However, make sure to read term and conditions, to avoid any restrictions of a traffic limit.

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    Operating Systems and Devices

    All NordVPN applications are compatible with popular OS and platforms:

    AndroidAndroid TVChromeFirefox
    iOSLinuxMac OSWindows

    The provider regularly releases updates, so applications always work without failures. Too old devices or operating system versions do not always support automatic settings. For routers, game consoles, and mobiles, there is a detailed manual configuration. The support section describes step-by-step instructions with pictures.

    NordVPN for any device

    Nord VPN for PC and laptop

    NordVPN for desktop

    Applications for Windows and MacOS are always updated, so even the slightest glitches do not happen. Immediately after installation, the application adapts to the operating system and the speed of work increases. The service uses deep traffic encryption algorithms, which can cause a decrease in communication speed. You have a choice of several traffic masking modes. To get a fast connection, choose OpenVPN, a lighter encryption mode. For complete data security, it is better to use TOR or Double VPN.

    On a PC, you can choose to automatically enable NordVPN for Windows. In the additional settings, there is a mode of protection against DNS leak and the CyberSec protocol. For further convenience, you can mark suitable servers as favorites.

    Download Nord VPN for PC

    Nord VPN on smartphone and tablet

    NordVPN for iOS

    The provider has made extremely simple applications for mobile devices. Right at the front screen of NordVPN for iOS and Android, there is a map with servers’ locations. With one touch, you can choose a suitable country. There is also a list, to choose connection point according to technical parameters. Communication nodes are distributed by function: streaming video, double VPN, TOR and others.

    The list is large, and if you do not want to scroll, you can find a desired server through the search panel. It is particularly convenient for quickly finding the right connection.

    Download NordVPN for smartphone

    Nord VPN for a browser

    The NordVPN plugin for Firefox and Chrome is conceptually different from others. Typically, to access the virtual private network through a browser, you need to start the client service. However, to speed up data transfer, Nord VPN made its extension independent of the main program. Moreover, the browser without launching the application reduces the load on the processor and RAM of PC.

    In the basic package, the browser extension comes even with the CyberSec function. It works as a filter, does not let intrusive ads and pop-up windows to disturb you. The tool provides additional security because it informs about suspicious sites and malicious software.

    NordVPN browser add-on

    Unlike similar web proxies, in fact the provider has developed a full-fledged VPN with encryption.

    Get NordVPN for browser

    Privacy and Log Files

    Nord VPN is the only service with no session recording. Most top VPN providers do not keep log files of content that users view. However, everyone records sessions, connection time, the amount of data transferred, and even IP addresses. NordVPN provides its customers with complete privacy. The service does not record any login logs or communication sessions. Legally, the company is registered in Panama, where the procedure for storing VPN information is not regulated.

    Nord VPN only captures your email address, username and payment information. The service ideally provides security for the transfer of valuable data.

    Communication Security and Protocols

    The NordVPN protocol can be set manually when the program boots. However, for non-advanced users there is an automatic selection of the most suitable type of connection. By default, connection goes through OpenVPN. Further, the software independently determines to use the UDP or TCP protocol. For iOS and Mac operating systems, the application connects via an IKEv2/IPSec connection.

    Advanced users can manually set up connections via PPTP, SSTP or L2TP/IPSec.

    OpenVPN technology is based on 256-bit encryption using the AES algorithm. Additional security is provided by 2048-bit SSL keys. Each communication session is protected against DNS leaks.

    NordVPN security technologies

    For protection in public Internet zones, the provider has developed wi-fi-sec. When a user connects to Wi-Fi, the function instantly routes communication through a virtual private network. In the settings you can adjust the degree of protection at which NordVPN will be included.

    Benefits and Special Features

    websites posting about NordVPN

    NordVPN regularly takes a leading position in international industry reviews. Especially the service is suitable for guaranteed data security. For security grade, experts always rate 10/10 points.

    The company owns hundreds of servers located in global Internet zones. There are connections specifically designed for an intended use.

    • The complete absence of leakage risks – log-files are absolutely without entries.
    • You can connect a dedicated IP address.
    • The kill-switch function comes with advanced settings for the sub-task. When a virtual network breaks, you can specify the disconnection of specific applications. For example, disable messengers, but leave the browser connected.

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    Support service

    Nord VPN was one of the first to use the ticket system. Technical support works 24/7 via chat and email. The competency level of consultants is above average. Most technical questions are answered in a timely manner. To get help with advanced issues, sometimes you need to wait. However, any problem is resolved within 15 minutes. The provider’s site has structured material. All instructions with pictures and easy to understand even to novice users.

    NordVPN advantages

    NordVPN is rightfully considered the flagship communications technology. For censored countries like China, this is generally a priority choice. Service is one of the few that guarantees ultimate security and anonymity.

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    Frequently asked questions

    What to do if NordVPN does not connect?

    You can find the reason for the lack of communication in a few steps. First, try connecting on different servers. The second step, exit the program and boot it again. If it does not help, then reinstall the application. Make sure you are using the latest version of the program. In extreme cases, contact technical support.

    Where to get NordVPN accounts?

    Each account is tied to the email address of the owner. Even if you have a third-party account, you won’t be able to use it. When authorizing from an unfamiliar IP, the provider will request email verification. Moreover, folks distributing service accounts pursue fraudulent goals. You risk losing personal data or even getting a computer virus.

    How to use Nord VPN?

    After installing the program, you will need to authorize your account. Enter the email and secret key that you received when registering the license. Immediately after starting the application, there will be a list of servers. Choose the connection closest to your location and start working.

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