VPN for Telegram in China

How to access Telegram in PRC

Millions of users around the world use Telegram. By speed and functionality, the messenger is superior to other analogues. Connecting to the platform in China is possible only through a virtual private network. Then you will get connection to resources with restricted information.

There are two ways to enter famous messenger in PRC. First, you need to add the extension to the browser. Second option, you must install the VPN service on a PC or mobile. The option through a browser is only for a laptop and provides web access only. Through other applications will not connect to the global Internet. It’s better not to limit yourself, and just install a virtual private network for Telegram in China. Then all programs that require international Internet will go online. We have prepared a detailed report on various offers.

VPN for telegram in China

Popular VPN services for Telegram in China 2021


expressvpn for smartphone

Unrivaled Speed to message from mainland

The developer created an easy and fast virtual private network for Telegram in China. According to experts, application usability is superior to alternatives. The product is compatible with all operating systems for PCs and smartphones. In addition, you get plugins for popular browsers such as mozilla-firefox, safari and chrome.

Express provides an uninterrupted exit for any application. It is especially relevant for those, who want to have constant access via Internet connection. During tight control days, when the services of other providers are slowed down, Express provides a stable connection. The product is supplemented by a strong data encoding with a complete absence of logs.

Round-the-clock technical support and a 30-day full money back guarantee make the offer attractive.

ExpressVPN for telegram in China


nordvpn for PC

Unrivaled Security for Telegram in China

Regardless of the location, Nord ensures complete security of your data while you are in PRC. The technology confidently bypasses the latest locks. The company owns its own servers, distributed across all leading countries. You get instant access to the global network, with a stable connection.

Especially for China, the product includes proxy-addons, which gives additional flexibility while messaging. The developer also provides a browser plugin that works without installing the application. Therefore, products from Nord works on small laptops. If you want to access global Internet through third-party programs or instant messengers, you will need to install a client application.

As a new user, you get a 7-day test for free. Do not forget to activate the server with the obfuscate function, which provides additional acceleration.

Get discount 70% for NordVPN


VyprVPN on laptop and mobile

High-speed VPN with multi-settings

It is the best virtual private network for Telegram in PRC. It provides a stable and high-speed connection on any platform such as Mac, Android, iOS and Windows. No browser plugins included. Because for China, this function is not important. The provider has created an intuitive interface, with a large selection of functions. On it you see the speed of the server, which you can choose for later sessions.

Know-how Chameleon technology has attracted many Vypr users. It is a decisive factor for stable communication through Telegram in China. The function encodes the data stream, so that the providers mistaken it for a standard http connection. As a result, the speed through the virtual private network always remains high.

When you connect for the first time, you have the opportunity of a 3-day free test. If something doesn’t suit you, you can unsubscribe without loss.

Get VyprVPN at discount

Why Telegram does not work without VPN?

After anti-government protests in 2014, authorities closed access to Telegram in China. At that moment, the platform developer decided not to allow the country’s leadership to control the correspondence of users. This led to a hard blocking of the messenger. It is not possible even to open an account while in mainland. Therefore, sign-up for the service before arriving in the country.

Comparison table of VPN to unlock Telegram

We benchmarked various instant messengers in China. More detailed information, you can find in our regular reviews.

Moneyback offer30 days30 days
Free test, days3 days
Monthly fee on annual package USD$6.67$3.47$2.50
Circumvent Chinese Firewall

Top VPN for telegram can be installed on several devices simultaneously. It is a perfect solution for friends and family groups.

Secure VPN for Telegram in China

Free VPN options for Telegram

A lot of shareware options for Telegram are freely available on the Internet. At your home country you can use such a service, but in China you risk your privacy. Many applications are created by organizations working for the Chinese government. They transmit to the authorities all data about traffic and users. While in PRC, with such programs you risk your security. In our reports you can get more detailed info about such dubious VPN providers.

Express terms and conditions

Regular price – $12.95 usd/month

Monthly payment with a six month plan – $9.99 usd/month

You save 22% by paying directly $59.94 usd

At the annual + 3 month tariff monthly fee is $6.57 usd/month

You save half by paying immediately $99.94 usd

Get 49% discount for ExpressVPN

Partially Free VPN

Looking for a reliable service, it is better to immediately get the program from leading developers. Sometimes you may come across shortened options. With them, you will have low speed, a limit on sending data and the number of servers. Such connection is sufficient for text messages, but not for media content. In the current year 2021, you are unlikely to be online with such truncated products.

expressvpn moneyback garantee

Telegram in PRC via VPN

Get paid VPN services free of charge

Uninterrupted communication in China can be provided only by paid VPN services. The cost of a full version is available even for budget tourists or students. For only $12.5 you get a top product with a reliable connection. When you subscribe for several months, the price is significantly reduced. Immediately get a secure connection to several devices.

Data encryption/
Text transfer
Media transfer//
Voice calls/
Technical Support/

Developers give free trial for paid programs. These are full versions of a paid product that includes all the usual features. Providers do not require paying for a trial period.

Leading brands offer free trials to all new customers: Nord gives a week, and Vypr gives 3 days. Overall, you can use the services for 10 days without payment.

NordVPN free test

Another option is to use a guaranteed return. Express and Nord each provide a 30-day money-back service. You pay a monthly rate, and before the end of subscription, issue a return and get refund. As a result, you have Internet access for 2 months.

Unlock Telegram in PRC via VPN

Where in China I can get VPN for Telegram?

Due to the high level of professionalism of hackers, protected communication in China is absolutely necessary. Do not try to save few bucks. Otherwise you endanger your personal data. Do not risk losing access to social accounts, networks or even personal bank accounts.

Install a vpn-app for Telegram on your smartphone or computer directly from manufacturers’ websites. Check each manufacturer’s website for the correct spelling of the url. An application can easily contain a virus. Appstore and Google do not check sellers’ goodwill. On our resource we place links only to trusted providers.

Install VPN step-by-step

No difficulty:

connecting telegram in China via VPN
  • Choose the product. We describe the specifications and compare the cost;
  • Visit the manufacturer’s website;
  • Determine the appropriate tariff and open an account;
  • Pay and download the program to all your devices;
  • Go into the application and connect to a server located outside of China;
  • Free access to the global Internet;
  • In case of technical problems, write to the support service.

We have prepared a detailed review of Express settings for iPhone.

Get a secure, proven Telegram VPN in China. With the best services for up to $13, you are guaranteed to get high speed and security.

Sure access to Telegram in China

Frequently asked questions

What is better to install, so that Telegram works on Android?

While inside the country, you can safely buy VPN applications from leading developers. Programs work on any operating systems. The application will work on any latest Android device.

Does Telegram work through VPN online?

On computer browsers, VPN works properly through a special plugin. Products from Express and Nord have this feature. You will have free access to web information. However, in order to use instant messengers or applications on a smartphone, it is better to immediately install the client-program.

How to enable Telegram via VPN

Just turn on chosen app on your device. Make sure you are connected to the global Internet. Launch the messenger and start texting and chatting. Third-party settings or services are not needed.

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