VPN for Vkontakte in China

How to access VK in PRC

You can gain full access to Vkontakte in China only through a virtual private network. Formally, the social network in China is open. However, the Golden Shield blocks the Internet at the server level, so communication is often unsatisfactorily slow. Loading a page can take 8-10 minutes, and don’t even think about viewing VK news feed.

The connection quality is the same on the web page and on the mobile application. So, to have a reasonable communication within the social platform requires auxiliary services. There is an alternative connection through a proxy server. But the proxy does not provide a proper access to the network. Therefore, for high-speed communication with VK in China, it is better to install a reliable VPN product.

VPN for vkontakte in China

Using VKontakte in China 2021 through VPN


expressvpn for smartphone

Steadily bypasses the most fierce Firewall locks

Express provides one of the stable access to VKontakte in China. The developer uses special technology of spoofing servers. Even during periods of tightened control by Chinese censorship agencies, you get an Internet connection without breaks. The company has placed particular emphasis on the security of user data. Therefore, you can safely login into popular russian media platform, even through a public Wi-Fi.

Express provides not only convenient user experience to VK in China, but also high-speed connection to other international platforms. Plus, you get unlimited access to all global resources. The program works flawlessly on popular operating systems Android, iOS, Mac, Windows and even Linux.

ExpressVPN for VK in China


nordvpn for PC

Link to Guaranteed Personal Data Security

During days of important political events, Chinese authorities tighten control over VPN services. Vypr has developed a special traffic encryption protocol. With its product, you remain with a stable connection to VK in China, regardless of external events. With standard packages, the company provides the ability to connect up to 6 devices at once. The function is extremely beneficial for groups or large families.

Service’s applications are compatible with all smartphones and PCs. On well-known operating systems, the product automatically connects and works without the slightest glitch. The program has an optional function with a choice of spoofing servers. This new technology guarantees high-speed uninterrupted cyberspace access in PRC. New subscribers receive 7 days of free test.

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VyprVPN on laptop and mobile

Convenient application with automatic settings

Everyone who has tried Vypr continues to use its service. The company has programmed a unique Chameleon protocol. A technology based on end-to-end traffic encryption seamlessly bypasses the Golden Shield. You naturally log into Vkontakte and other global information resources. You will have a stable connection for voice or video calls.

iPhone and Android apps work on all the latest models. For outdated models, you can always check with the round-the-clock technical support. Vypr emphasized the creation of an intuitive user interface. Therefore, even inexperienced users will easily log into VK in China. In case of unexpected halts, spoofing servers are triggered. As a result, a communication session continues without any break.

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Free services for VK in China

VK censorship in China

There are lots of shareware offers on the Internet. Often they are designed to replace your IP address. You probably even used such programs on your home network. However, in PRC, free virtual private networks practically do not work. So, you won’t have at all access to Vkontakte in China.

Within the country, affordable free services are created by government organizations. By connecting through such a virtual network, you lose control over your privacy. Typically, these applications collect user data for further resale to advertising agencies.

We strongly recommend avoiding shareware. Better immediately buy a paid product.

NordVPN for social networking

Use VPN in China for free

Vkontakte via VPN in China

A practical and proven option is the free installation of a paid product.

Don’t even pay attention to shareware versions. Vendors like WindScribe or TrendConn allocate only 2 GB, a meager amount for modern communication.

Express and Nord in standard packages provide money-back terms. All new subscribers can use these offers. Basically, you purchase and pay a monthly rate. Use the service, and before the end of the warranty, send a return request. Express has a 30-day warranty, and the Nord has a 7-day warranty.

VPN comparison to use VK

We tested different services, which let you to log into vk.com. More detailed information, you can find in our regular reviews.

Moneyback offer30 days30 days
Free test, days3 days
Monthly fee on annual package USD$6.67$3.47$2.50
Circumvent Chinese Firewall

Top applications can be installed on several devices simultaneously. All these services make social networks accessible.

VPN for vk.com in PRC

Pay less when purchasing VPN

If you want to use the service for more than a month, then use the offers of several companies. With this combination, you will have free access to Vkontakte for 37 days. At the end of the warranty period, you switch to the selected paid tariff.

For a long trip, we recommend immediately to get a several months plan. All top developers offer semi-annual and annual packages at low prices. In terms per monthly rate, discounts reach up to 70%. Carefully read our reviews on features and prices.

Nord VPN pricing and discounts

NordVPN money back guarantee

For a monthly packes you pay $11.95 per month.

On an annual subscription, the cost drops to 6.99 dollars/month.

If you subscribe for 3 years, the price is only 3.49 dollars/month.

Get NordVPN unlimited

Choose the best VPN for VKontakte

While in China, pay particular attention to the security of your Internet. Among many attractive offers, risky VPN services are often found. By installing applications from unverified companies, you risk losing your privacy or even your bankcard information.

Unblocks VK in China
Desktop applications
Smartphone applications
Monthly subscription, USD12.9511.9512.95
Annual package, USD99.9583.8880.00
Trial period, days73
Return policy, days3030

The maximum price for one month from the best providers does not exceed 13 dollars. And on annual packages, the cost drops to $5 per month. Immediately purchase a reputable product and enjoy stable access to VK in China. In the summary table, we provide a description of the three leading suppliers. For detailed information, read our reviews.

How and where to download VPN in China

VK and AppStore logos

To have a stable access to global cyberspace in PRC, install virtual private network application before arriving in the country. In the mainland, the developers’ websites are blocked. Their applications are removed from Chinese AppleStore and GooglePlay. Thus, to install a virtual private network for VK in China, you should already have a VPN. Nevertheless, if you find yourself in this situation, there are the following steps to follow:

  • Look for sites working in mainland;
  • Use of wi-fi zones in international hotels;
  • Get a help from your friend who has a working virtual private network.

To have access to VK, it is better to immediately put Express or Nord. In extreme cases, if something does not work, you can cancel your subscription and return all the money.

How to set up VPN in China

Our team of experts checks every new service. All offers, that we recommend have been closely monitored by our experts and thousands of users. Choose offers based on our reviews.

Any product is extremely easy to install and operate. Settings for top application activate itself automatically.

Applications on PC and Mac always run smoothly.

For smartphones, there is usually no problem. But if you have an old model of a mobile device, then check the details for compatibility with technical support.

Some premium packages have additional protocols. Try such options, they can further increase the speed.

Just in case, we recommend that you keep the developer’s contacts offline. If you need their help, you can easily contact them. Usually technical support solves a problem within an hour.

NordVPN to social posting in PRC

Frequently asked questions

What is best service to use for Vkontakte in China?

The most reliable option is to connect via virtual private network. It is better to purchase proven services from reputable providers. If you use only the web version, you can get by with just a browser extension. This feature is offered by Nord. To access VK on your mobile, you need to install a client-version.

Why VK is blocked in China?

The platform works, but almost always the data transfer speed is slow. Due to the large-scale blocking of international social networks, the Chinese authorities are blocking resources at the server level. Therefore, politically neutral platforms such as Vkontakte often fall under the filter.

How to install VPN for Vkontakte in China?

Follow the link to the site of the selected brand. After activating the account, download the program and install on your device. The installation is automatic with minimal participation at the stage of selecting settings. Applications from leading companies are intuitive even for beginners. After starting, the application connects itself.

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