VPN for Google in China

Popular Google services in China are only available through VPN. Gmail and Drive cloud storage are simply blocked. Without a virtual private network, you can only use Google translator. The corporation did not censor and transfer user data to the Chinese government. The lack of compromise led to the closure of the platform, including the search service itself.

By using an IP address outside the country, the technology routes a user to the global Internet via foreign cyberspace. You connect to a specific server, which may be located in America, Asian countries or Europe. Further, the connection with Google takes place in the country of the selected communication node. Through a VPN service, you bypass the Great Firewall of China and freely use any application.

VPN for google in China

The most effective VPN for Google in China 2021


expressvpn for smartphone

Fast connection to Google products from anywhere

For many years, Express has been providing stable access to the global network. Entrepreneurs and corporate customer actively use this popular service. Regardless of the province or Internet service provider, you are always connected to your desired online resources.

During important political events, the Chinese authorities significantly increase filtering algorithm and block virtual private networks. Unlike other suppliers, Express continues to work reliably. The company has created technologies to circumvent the Golden Shield in all situations. All new users receive very attractive conditions for a 30-day warranty refund. This is a convenient option for short trips.

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nordvpn for PC

Secure connection and complete safety of personal data

Most people use Gmail to create accounts on third-party services. Passwords and personal accounts in banks are tied to it. Using channel encryption technology, Nord provides ultimate protection of user information. The supplier additionally provides a dual and a VPN-torrent options.

With the ability to connect multiple devices, Nord is especially convenient for Google in China. This is a great deal for small groups or family trips. The company own servers nearby PRC, that provides high-speed Internet access. It offers a several plans and gives a month of warranty period.

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VyprVPN on laptop and mobile

Lightweight applications and ease of use on any device

The developer made a special emphasis on creating an intuitive interface. A user of any level will easily enable its application. For China, the company has introduced a special firewall bypass technology. The Chameleon protocol encrypts communication channels on both sides. This provides a seamless connection to all Google tools.

Additional traffic obfuscation diverts communication channels from the Great Firewall. Even in the days of enhanced locks, you will have access to the global cyberspace. VPN-product is compatible with all mobile and desktop devices. Applications run on major operating systems. With Vypr, you have a stable access to any resource.

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List of blocked Google services in China

blocked Google in China

At the time of 2021, Translator remains the only product in the public domain. The platform works directly at the Chinese url address translate.google.cn. All other services are simply blocked, including the search service itself.

  • Google-tickets;
  • Google-Maps;
  • Google-Play Store;
  • Messenger;
  • Gmail;
  • Google-Drive;
  • Google-Docs, including tables and presentations;
  • The calendar;
  • YouTube and YouTube-TV;
  • Contacts;
  • Images;
  • Street View

Through a virtual private network, you can easily connect to the listed services.

NordVPN for google in PRC

Comparison of VPN providers

We tested different services, which provide a reliable access to web-search in China. More detailed information, you can find in our regular reviews.

Moneyback offer30 days30 days
Free test, days3 days
Monthly fee on annual package USD$6.67$3.47$2.50
Circumvent Chinese Firewall

Moreover, top applications can be installed on several devices simultaneously.

VPN for web-search in China

How to replace Google and its services in China

Blocked applications have their counterparts in PRC. If you speak Chinese, you can use local services. Otherwise, these programs are unlikely to help you.

Baidu instead of google-search

The main search service of China, Baidu always works in the country. However, the platform indexes information within the PRC. Therefore, the search results do not include information, which you can find outside of the country. By making a request to Baidu, you are actually cut off from the global network. Alternatively you can use yandex-search, but often time it is extremely slow.

Youku instead of youtube

The platform contains videos published by the Chinese. For residents of the Mainland it is a convenient service. If you know Chinese, you will probably find the right materials. For foreigners, of course, there is no access to popular YouTube channels.

Baidu-maps instead of google-maps

If you do not speak Chinese, then you definitely will not be able to use baidu-maps. Virtually all information located on the resource, is in Chinese. The service itself is convenient to use and is constantly being improved. But to find the desired location and get directions using your native language, is not possible. Baidu-maps are well suited for simplified searches for metro name or main streets. For a detailed search you have to go to international maps.

similar Google services in China

Yandex.mail instead of Gmail

The Yandex platform in China is slow. Golden Shield blocks information at the level of mobile providers. Especially noticeable speed drop happens during periods of firewall amplification. If you happen to turn to yandex, better use international com version, generally its speed is higher. There are other international mail platforms, access to which is still open. These include mail, tutonota, zoho and others. How to access to Gmail in China, we explain in a separate report.

When connected to a virtual private network in China, you should understand that some domestic websites will not be available. Commercial platforms use international domains for overseas users. For example, Alibaba trading platform automatically redirects to the language version of the server country. Other Chinese sites specifically display inflated prices for overseas IP addresses. If you are connected through a server in Germany, then the prices will most likely be in euros.

Google browser VPN extensions

Connecting to Google in China through a browser-based VPN extension does not provide full access to the network. You will be limited only to web content. That is, applications and instant messengers with this option will not work. In addition, the plugin does not provide the proper speed. Enhanced blocking at the scale of Internet providers requires a full-fledged client service. To bypass the Great Firewall, leading developers use special traffic encryption technologies. For simplified tasks, add-ons are still suitable. Read a more detailed description of plugins for Google-Chrome on our resource.

For full access to the global Internet, we recommend installing software from top suppliers. By utilizing traffic encryption and spoofing servers, leading services provide a stable cyberspace access.

Nord VPN pricing and discounts

NordVPN money back guarantee

For a monthly packes you pay $11.95 per month.

On an annual subscription, the cost drops to 6.99 dollars/month.

If you subscribe for 3 years, the price is only 3.49 dollars/month.

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Free VPN for Google

You can find a large number of shareware offers, especially in China. Mainly companies working for the Chinese government, develop these applications. By connecting through these services, you lose privacy. Free products collect user data and can even install malware to your device. We do not recommend using free of charge VPN-software. Otherwise, you risk passwords and even data on your bank cards.

Do not risk your safety. Get full-fledged applications from top providers. The maximum cost will not exceed $13. On long-term packages, the price will drop to just $5.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need VPN for Google Play?

The authorities of PRC significantly limited a number of offers in the Chinese version of the store. You will not find international virtual private network applications in it. To access the overseas options, you will need access to global Internet.

Can I connect a plugin for Google together with a client service?

There is no such need. VPN-software provides a full connection with all international resources. Otherwise, the data transfer rate may drop significantly.

Is there any shareware for Google?

At best, free options give you a slow speed. Often, such applications install virus malware into your device. We recommend using quality paid products. With them, you will have access to maps, search and other services.

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