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updated on 25.03.2021
  • Moneyback guarantee30 days
  • Advantagessecurity
  • Devices5
  • Price startsfrom $2.50 usd/mon

VyprVPN differs from other services in its approach to communication stability. The provider has developed a unique Chameleon technology that bypasses any filters. The company uses only its own servers and DNS, which provides increased protection for user data. Applications are intuitively simple with a set of necessary functions. In 2021, the developer was recognized as the top in the industry.

It is a premium product, for an affordable price. The subscription fee for Vypr VPN is $12.95 per month. For the annual package, the price per month is reduced to 6.67 dollars. New subscribers receive a free trial period of 3 days.


You get a product with modern features. It has high-speed communication, with unique encryption protocols. The company gives a trial period so that you can safely make a choice.

Characteristics and technical capabilities

list of vyprvpn features

VyprVPN seamlessly bypasses the toughest filters. Even Firewall in China is not able to block this virtual private network. The brand belongs to the Swiss developer Golden Frog.

Devices simultaneously5Protection from IPv6-leaks
Servers worldwide1850+Kill-switch
Cities90Browser add-ons
Countries78Mobile Apps
City selectionUnlimited data transfer
Protection from DNS-leaksUnlimited bandwidth

Vypr VPN free for 1 month

VyprVPN at discount price

The company offers a standard and a premium versions. Both options are available on a monthly subscription and on an annual subscription. It is better to immediately purchase the Premium package, it has Chameleon protocol. The technology easily bypasses blocking and disguises traffic for ultimate security.

PackagePer month, USDPrice, USDDiscount
1 month12.95no
1 year3.7545.0071%
2 years2.5060.0081%

Premium package, with Chameleon protocol costs $12.95/month. Subscribing for a year, you get a 48% discount. The price will be 6.67 dollars/month.

vyprvpn pricing options

VyprVPN provides a free 3-day trial period. You get a fully fledged software with all the features. At registration, you must enter your credit card details. Therefore, before the end of the test period, do not forget to cancel the subscription.

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Payment Methods

vyprvpn payment options

It is better to buy VyprVPN on the company website. They accept all types of bank cards. There are alternative methods through PayPal or AliPay. The developer does not accept electronic money or payments in cryptocurrency.

Your account will be totally anonymous. You will only need to enter your email. Use an e-mail to which there is regular access. You will receive instructions and notifications via it.

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Communication Speed and Efficiency

In terms of speed, VyprVPN is on a par with the flagships of the market. Formally, the service is slightly slower than Express, but in real life it is almost on a par. Even in China, with its firewall, communications are very fast.

  • For European regions, it is better to connect to servers in the USA or France. If you work in Asia, then choose Hong Kong or Japan. Mobile and home Internet through those servers works equally stable.
  • If you are in China, immediately connect the Chameleon function.
  • Connection is stable, but sometimes it may be interrupted. The breaks are short and the communication resumes automatically.

The app displays speed of each server. You can tag a suitable location as the main one. Then, when starting other devices, the selected server will connect by default.

vyprvpn advantages

Choose a package

VyprVPN to bypass filters

Tests in 2021 show that the service freely bypasses any blockages. Obfuscating server technology bypasses Great Chinese Firewall, even in times of heightened censorship. An Android application can sometimes cause short-term malfunctions, but overall the connection is uninterrupted. Before buying, it is better to use a free trial period.

Proprietary Chameleon technology scrambles traffic without losing speed. After been encrypted, data is not identified as a virtual private network. Full privacy protection is maintained, but speed is not reduced. Scrambling encodes traffic so that it does not go through the deep-packet inspection. For this reason, the service is extremely popular in China and other Asian countries.

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User-friendly interface and installation

vyprvpn app

To get a test version, you need to create an account on the official website of VyprVPN. When activating your account, you must provide email and password. After confirming the email, you can download the installation file. The download link will come via email.

The installation wizard algorithm is thought out and easy to understand. Even novice users can handle it. The program is installed within few steps, and the basic settings are turned on automatically. At the time of launching the app, the system will request data for account activation. You need to enter a username and password.

Standard settings give completely uninterrupted communication. You can safely use internet, without additional features.

Install Vypr VPN

Downloading VyprVPN

vyprvpn for iOS

To download VyprVPN, you must go to the official website of the developer. Mobile apps are available on the AppStore and GooglePlay. However, in China, a virtual private network is basically prohibited. There you will encounter certain difficulties. It is better to download the software at your home network. The provider’s site has an apk-file for smartphones.

Having a hacked functioning VyprVPN is not possible. Therefore, do not try to download cracked versions from torrents. It will be a fraudulent bait to take over your data. You risk losing your privacy and even access to payment cards. VyprVPN activation runs on the developer’s site. You will be asked to confirm your account and registration keys.

If the main site is blocked, then use the mirror site. Especially for the Chinese market, the company provides https://www.goldenfrog.biz.

Download VyprVPN from company’s website

Free of charge VyprVPN

vyprvpn for smartphones

The best way to get VyprVPN for free is to use the trial period. For 3 days you get a fully fledged application. There is no limit on features, traffic volume or number of devices. You can simultaneously install apps on desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet. After trial, you can continue to use the service, but you need to pay.

Operating Systems and Devices

VyprVPN is constantly updating its service. The company carefully monitors the compatibility with popular platforms. The program works with operating systems:

AndroidAnona BoxBlackPhone
WindowsMac OSQNAP
VyprVPN for any device

Applications are configured automatically, but if necessary there is a manual configuration. For each operating system there are detailed manuals. All modern devices support the smooth operation of the service. Technical support responds within 5 minutes. Managers will always help you choose the right protocol.

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VyprVPN for PC and laptop

VyprVPN for MacOS

VyprVPN has developed convenient applications for desktops and laptops. The user interface is intuitive even for inexperienced folks. Settings are configured in automatic mode, you only need to press the start button. Advanced users will find a number of useful features in the advanced settings section. All versions have a traffic separation mode. That is, through VPN you run those applications, which would not work without it. That way, you get the optimal transfer rate. Sometimes you can even speed up some communication channels. This is especially true during peak hours, when speed can drop significantly.

  • Mac OS – all versions starting with Snow Leopard 10.6
  • Windows – Starting from Vista and XP
  • Linux – manual configuration on Ubuntu and Debian.

To have your product work smoothly, stay tuned for application updates. Ever progressing filters can block older versions.

Download Vypr VPN for PC

VyprVPN for smartphones and tablets

vyprvpn download on smartphone

For mobile devices, VyprVPN has developed a convenient application. After installation, all standard functions are connected automatically. Through a separate menu there is a choice of a suitable server. It is possible to mark the server as a priority, then on other devices it will start by default. For every device, there is by-choice routing, to run particular apps thru VPN. Full compatibility with Android, iOS and Blackberry. The service meets all security requirements:

  • DNS – no leaks;
  • IPv6 – no leaks;
  • IPv4 – no leaks;

Separately from its flagship product, the provider has released Cyphr application. This service encrypts forwarded messages on Android and iOS. The tool, of course, does not replace VPN, but it is a very convenient solution for China.

Vypr VPN for smartphone

Browser plugin from VyprVPN

vyprvpn for browsers

Currently, the developer does not have a browser add-on. Over time, such a function may appear, but in fact, such a plug-in is not needed. To work with web content, you can run the client service. Users especially do not lose anything. Rarely does anyone use only a browser. The main traffic data nowadays go through instant messengers and applications. For smartphones, this question basically doesn’t arise.

If necessary, you can connect kill-switch function. Through it, you will direct browser traffic.

Get VyprVPN for browser

Privacy and Log Files

The provider creates and maintains the VyprVPN service completely independently. GoldenGrog does not apply to any contractors. The company uses only its own servers. Unlike competitors using hosting services, the provider completely controls the traffic. User data security is 100% guaranteed.

VyprVPN reliability

Many brands keep logs of communication sessions, record data about traffic, and even IP addresses of users. This practice compromises customer privacy. Starting in 2018, the provider completely ruled out support for log files. The company no longer keeps records of visits and does not record IP addresses. An independent audit confirmed, that Vypr provides no-log service. This procedure is carried out only by few providers.

The team even changed the data processing policy. Then they allowed to use torrents. Without logs, there is no control over user behavior. By anonymity, the developer is recognized as the best in the industry.

Communication Protocols and Reliability

VyrpVPN uses modern protocols for virtual networks. Depending on the device, the software automatically activates the optimal protocol. You can switch to another protocol in manual mode, with one click.

The service uses:

  • OpenVPN – turns on automatically;
  • IKEv2 – choice for iOS;
  • PPTP – universal protocol;
  • L2TP/IPSec – configured manually;
  • Chameleon – at a premium package.

The principle of operation of the Chameleon is based on 256-bit traffic encryption. It disguises VPN data as http connection. Traffic does not fall under filters and blocking. Technology is superior to similar solutions. The protocol is ideal for China’s strict censorship.

Advantages and features

reviews on VyprVPN

Vypr VPN is an objectively top-end service that receives high marks from experts and users. The product includes high-tech features:

  • At launch, the app independently configures DNS servers on VyprVPN. In this case, you can set other DNS. DNS leak protection is activated in the basic settings;
  • The speed of downloading data with and without VPN, differs slightly;
  • VyprVPN is owned by Golden Frog, a Swiss company. The headquarter and the core team of coders are also in Switzerland. All user information is protected by Swiss law;
  • The application has automatic protection against fraudulent sites. The program instantly warns about virus software;

The choice of servers is listed by country. A convenient filter takes into account ping rating and speed.

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Technical support

Vypr VPN provides round-the-clock support to current and potential customers. Professional consultants substantively answer questions. Even a non-trivial technical problem is solved within 2-3 minutes. By default, communication takes place in online chat, but you can write by e-mail. If you do not have an account, then managers will still advise on the product.

golden frog – vyprvpn developer

Channels of connection:

  • Help section and frequently asked questions;
  • 24 hours online chat;
  • Ticket system.

According to independent experts, VyprVPN service is constantly receiving high ratings. The fact that the provider uses only its own servers indicates a serious approach. The team has a staff of highly qualified engineers. The product is constantly improving. This is an important factor in the communications industry. In China, the service is recognized as the best in terms of safety and reliability.

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Frequently asked questions

How to find VyprVPN accounts for activation?

This is a high-tech product, developed by serious programmers. Activation of applications occurs on the company’s servers. Just an account will not help in any way, the verification process goes to the user’s IP address. Moreover, cracked accounts are just the bait of online scammers.

What to do if the app does not connect?

First, check whether you have internet. If there is a connection, then make sure that the application is authorized on your account. Restart the program and try to connect again. Choose a server in Hong Kong or Japan. If there is no connection, then turn to technical support.

How functional is the standard package, not premium?

The main difference between standard and premium packages is the Chameleon feature. This feature is necessary to bypass such a powerful filter as the Golden Shield. For ordinary use, such as online games, the standard tariff is quite suitable.

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