VPN for Whatsapp in China

How to access Whatsapp in PRC

By the number of users, Whatsapp is the undisputed leader among other messengers. The messenger uses end-to-end encryption technology. Before sending, each message is encoded on the sender’s device. Decryption takes place only after receiving the addressee on the device. This means that the data intercepted by a third party cannot be decoded. That is, government agencies, cybercriminals, or Internet service providers cannot control users ’correspondence. As a result, the Chinese leadership blocked Whatsapp in 2017.

However, it is possible to bypass the lock using a virtual private network. Through a high quality virtual private network, you can easily log into the platform in China. Other blocked messengers and applications will also work seamlessly.

VPN for whatsapp in China

Using Whatsapp in China 2021 thru VPN


expressvpn for smartphone

High-speed Internet for all types of communication through your favorite channel

Express has gained a reputation as a leader by delivering a secure and fast service. Information protection occurs at all stages of forwarding. The developer does not record your online logs and does not remember users by their IP address. Additional encoding of traffic on the servers themselves hides the actual location of the connected device. Express only connects on its own DNS servers.

The company has developed a product for all operating systems MacOS, iOS, Windows, Android and even Linux. A simple intuitive interface helps users of any level to continue instant messaging from PRC. The service works even during enhanced control from the Golden Shield.

ExpressVPN for whatsapp in China


nordvpn for PC

The safest solution to go over the Great Firewall

Nord is ideal for users requiring an impeccable level of data protection in Chinese cyberspace. The provider encodes all the data on it’s own servers. All information passes two-stage encryption through the TOR protocol. Nord is by far the top VPN provider for Whatsapp in China. The service has maximum data protection and sophisticated usability.

The company has carried out integration for Android, MacOS, iOS and Windows. Switch on virtual private network and start the messenger. The necessary settings are activated automatically. The application with a simple interface gives an extremely stable cyber access. When you need to increase the speed, simply enable the acceleration function through the obfuscated server.

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VyprVPN on laptop and mobile

Easy access to global net with seamless connectivity

Vypr has developed a special protocol to get away from the toughest locks in China. The service is great for communication through the most popular platform and other messengers in China. Traffic masking follows the well-known SHA-256 algorithm. In addition, you can activate the Chameleon function, which completely hides the connection traces through the virtual private network.

The developer has created the ability to select the fastest server. User friendly application for texting and chatting in China when traveling around the country. The program is compatible with iOS, MacOS, Windows and Android. The interface shows the speed of the current server, which you can select for future sessions. When launched on other devices, the application will automatically select the marked server.

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Why they blocked and how to replace Whats App in China

Chinese leadership has repeatedly blocked access to the messaging platform. In 2017, after the congress of the Communist Party, the censorship service decided to permanently block the application. Since then, access to the messenger has not been allowed. Recently, information appeared that authorities are working on a special bot to intercept data on the messenger. However, do not worry, disguised traffic on virtual private networks is not subject to hacker decryption.

To replace WhatsApp in China, you can choose Wichat, Bullet or Kik. But remember that talking with international friends is unlikely to succeed. Therefore, to access the global Internet, you will need virtual private network.

Comparison table of VPN to unlock Whatsapp

We compare various services for instant messengers in China. More detailed information, you can find in our regular reviews.

Moneyback offer30 days30 days
Free test, days3 days
Monthly fee on annual package USD$6.67$3.47$2.50
Circumvent Chinese Firewall

Best services to use popular messengers regardless Golden Shield. They can be installed on several devices simultaneously. Perfect solution for groups and families.

Stable VPN for whatsapp in China

Services for Whatsapp on a smartphone

You can still have access to the applications in China through various VPN services. All top programs work on smartphones with iOS or Android. On Windows-phone, you need to configure the connection manually, following the recommendations of your provider.

VPN installation for whatsapp in China

Applications and settings for connecting smartphones and tablets to continue messaging from China:

Windows Mobilemanualmanualmanual

If you are in the border zone and use roaming on your home SIM card, sometimes the messenger may work. Communication is unstable at slow speeds, but sometimes it’s enough.

Unlock whatsapp in China with NordVPN

VPN for whatsapp to message on laptop

Such a connection is possible in two ways:

  • Through the browser plugin, you will exit to the web version of WhatsApp. Leading developers have their browser extensions. Choose the right supplier from our reviews.
  • Or the client-service for desktops. Separate application for MacOS from 10.5 version or under Windows-8 and newer. To choose the right VPN product for China, read our reports on Windows or Mac.
whatsapp icon flag of China

Configuring applications in China for desktops and laptops:

Mac OS

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Where to download VPN for Whats App in China?

In China, all offers are removed from the local AppStore and GooglePlay stores. Get ready for a trip to the PRC in advance. It is better to install a virtual private network service on Android or iPhone in your home region. Be sure to set up and check the Internet access before arriving in the country. If you did not have time to install the application before entering, then read the installation guide. Choose any option you like from many proven methods.

The minimum thing you should do is to use a free of charge trial version of a full-fledged product. You can set up and activate an account for free even before the trip. With this fallback, you can easily go online and download any other application.

Nord VPN pricing and discounts

NordVPN money back guarantee

For a monthly packes you pay $11.95 per month.

On an annual subscription, the cost drops to 6.99 dollars/month.

If you subscribe for 3 years, the price is only 3.49 dollars/month.

NordVPN for Whatsapp in China

Why in China the messenger might not work with VPN

An inappropriate connection protocol is the main reason for the lack of Internet access from China. We recommend that you immediately choose the modern Chameleon technology from Vypr, where data is transmitted via the OpenVPN protocol. When connected using the usual L2TP / IPSec or PPTP protocols, the connection may be unstable. Chameleon technology, with obfuscation of the data stream, eliminates even short-term disconnections. It encodes information using the 256-bit AES algorithm. This method is ideal for the stable operation of any messenger and whatsapp in particular.

In this video, you will learn how obfuscated-servers work that disguise data transmission in China:

Just in case, keep your provider’s contacts offline. Leading developers of support services work around the clock. They quickly respond and quickly localize customers’ problems in China. Typically, the solution is limited to choosing a different server.

Non-stop messaging in China

Shareware options

Google Play and Appstore have free offers. Using them, you risk the security of your data and privacy. Programs collect your user data. Further, developers sell registered information to commercial organizations. You can even catch the virus through such applications. Many manufacturers cooperate with the leadership of China. Through them, authorities have full access to your communication. We advise you to avoid shareware offers. Read more in our report on how to get a quality free service for Whatsapp in China.

Take advantage of paid VPN for free

For a short trip to China, you can legally get a paid application with absolutely no payment. This offer is valid for all new users. In all Chinese provinces you can continue instant messaging.

Vypr gives a 3-day test, and Nord gives its product for a week. As a result, you use the services for 10 days. These are full versions that run smoothly at high speeds.

Express and Nord provide a 30-day money-back service. First you purchase the product as usual. Pay by credit card or e-wallet. You have a month to use the full version. Before the end of the warranty period, you write a statement to the support with a waiver of use. On the same day, the manufacturer returns 100% of the paid amount.

For a long trip to China, immediately buy VPN with an annual plan. In terms of a month, the price will be only 6.5 dollars. As you see, it is an extremely advantageous offer for stable and fast communication.

Use whatsapp in PRC unlimitted

Frequently asked questions

How to install different VPN for Whatsapp in China?

As usual, download each product in turn. After logging in, enable automatic settings. You should not run two different applications simultaneously; otherwise they will conflict with each other. Test both programs individually and select the appropriate one.

What is the best virtual private network for WhatsApp?

Depends on your personal preferences. For some folks it is important to have several a back-up online access. While for others the ease of use is more desirable. Price wise, all the top developers are on a par, and annual plans differ by a few cents only.

Who has the fastest VPN for messaging in PRC?

Express is the undisputed leader in speed. The company has its own proprietary servers that run smoothly on technology specially designed for virtual private networks. Of course, the mobile provider should supply a stable online route. However, try other brands. With their free trial periods, you take no risk.

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