Best VPN services rating of 2020

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It is difficult to find the best VPN without losing the security of your Internet connection. There are hundreds of VPN developers in the network, each them claiming, that it offers the highest quality.

It took us 5 months, to have checked more than 500 services. And we have identified brands that give users what they promise. We collected VPN offers from all over the world and checked the connection in different countries. Experts tested connections for security and stability in places with limited Internet access, including China and the UAE.

Together with experts from Google and PayPal, we managed to find out the accuracy of information on some VPNs. We have excluded a number of unscrupulous VPN developers from the rating. These companies profited from selling user data. Unfortunately for users, there are hundreds of such fraudulent providers.

With our reviews, you can choose the most suitable VPN, regardless of the task. Whether it’s video streaming, circumventing government censorship, or communication anonymity, you’ll get the best service on the market.

At the same time, a well-known brand does not mean that you will get a decent quality. A number of small start-up developers have outperformed large companies in terms of quality. Some firms promote low-quality VPN services. And others generally promote solutions that are dangerous for users on the market.

All programs from our list are top VPN services. With any app, you will fully protect your user data. Finalists ensure high traffic speed and stable connection.

Don’t need detailed reviews? Get a summary of the best VPNs in year 2021

  1. NordVPN – the fastest VPN of all offers – according to our rating, it is the best VPN in 2021. Complete security, extreme speed and stability.
  2. Express VPN is fast and stable for any tasks on the Internet, including video viewing, streaming, or torrents. Plus guaranteed security.
  3. IPVanish VPN – VPN with unlimited connections to different devices and ultimate privacy, deservedly is a top service.
  4. Vypr VPN – guaranteed anonymity of communication even in locations with increased censorship, stable speed even for video broadcasts.
  5. Pure VPN – user-friendly interface on all devices, even for novice users, uninterrupted connection and protection of your data.

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What is the best VPN?

NordVPN remains the industry’s permanent leader. In terms of speed, security and stability of the Internet connection, this is the best VPN service in 2021. Second and third places are periodically shared by Express VPN and PureVPN. These applications stay online even with a weak internet. Beginners will appreciate the simplicity and accessibility. And professionals will love them for their advanced features. With these apps, you will have a stable Internet connection and complete data privacy. They provide uninterrupted access for online games and streaming videos. Below are detailed reports on each top service.

1 Nord VPN

Nord VPN on various devices
  1. Compatible with: Mac, Windows, Android, iOS and Linux
  2. Video streaming on platforms: Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, Hulu, and iPlayer
  3. Round-the-clock support: Yes
  4. Trial period: 30 days
  5. How many servers: 5027
  6. Locations: 83
  7. Number of countries: 59
  8. Maximum number of devices: 6
  • Client services for desktops and mobile devices
  • Up to 6 simultaneous connections are allowed
  • Uninterrupted connection even under heavy censorship
  • The app interface is not the best
  • There have been privacy issues before

NordVPN surpasses its competitors in terms of technical and price indicators.

You can select a connection from 5027 servers. Communication nodes are distributed across the most loaded Internet geographies. The technology is based on 2048-bit encryption, which provides perfect protection against DNS leaks. Nord programmers have created convenient applications for desktops and mobile devices. The kill-switch function turns off the connection and prevents possible data leaks. The standard package includes plugins for Chrome and Firefox browsers. All types of cash and e-money are accepted, including bitcoin.

The company recently launched a SmartPlay feature similar to the common smart DNS. The technology consistently bypasses blocking and provides high-speed streaming.

We tested the connection in different modes and found that Nord significantly improved the quality of communication. Every single server delivers a stable communication. The nearest servers provide high data loading speeds even during peak hours. Remote connection points are slightly slower, but still significantly faster than competitors.

The only weakness you can find is the convenience of using NordVPN applications. There is no alphabetical distribution in the long list of cities. And there is no search for special functions in the menu. But by and large these are minor drawbacks. The developer carefully monitors the usability of its products.

In 2018, the company went through a series of unpleasant events related to hacking of its user network. After these events, Nord did everything possible to strengthen security measures. This year, the developer ordered an audit to assess privacy policy. The audit was conducted by the well-known consulting company Pricewaterhouse & Coopers. Our experts regularly check the operation of the service to ensure that the data is up-to-date.

Nord VPN has various pricing packages. There is a range from a monthly subscription to a two-year package. When you buy a 2-year tariff, you get a 70% discount. This choice seriously saves your budget on a long subscription. The cherry on the cake is a 30-day return guarantee. These conditions remove a number of risks from new buyers. If something does not suit you, the company returns you money without any questions.

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2 Express VPN

Express VPN for various devices
  1. Compatible with: Mac, Windows, Android, iOS and Linux
  2. Video streaming on platforms: Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, Hulu, and iPlayer
  3. Round-the-clock support: yes
  4. Trial period: 30 days
  5. How many servers: 3208
  6. Locations: 167
  7. Number of countries: 95
  8. Maximum number of devices: 5
  • Simple and intuitive interface for all devices
  • Encryption for commercial purposes
  • Network of fast servers in 95 countries
  • 24-hour instant technical support
  • Fewer simultaneous connections than competitors

Use our coupon and get 3 months free for this top VPN product.

Even in remote locations, ExpressVPN demonstrates outstanding communication speed. Round-the-clock support responds just within 3 minutes, even for technically complex questions. You get premium quality with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Express VPN uses a modern network of 3208 servers, distributed in over 95 countries. Even with a weak Internet, you get a stable connection. The brand stands out from the mass of mediocre offers with its thoughtful usability. The app interface is simple, but functional on any device. From the moment of installation to the moment you go online, everything happens in just one click.

The developer has adapted its software to all popular platforms. Desktop client services work flawlessly on Windows, Mac, and even Linux. Mobile apps are suitable for all iOS, Android, and BlackBerry models. There are even firmware for routers so that you can immediately unblock DNS at the router level. The software runs smoothly on streaming media devices and Smart TVs. For simplified use, you can go with a browser extension.

The extended functionality of the app may be difficult for inexperienced users. However, Express VPN has taken care of convenient usability in everything. Starting with searching for information on the site and up to specific firmware. Everywhere you get simple and clear instructions.

In the Help section, customers can find step-by-step illustrated user-manuals. If you want to get a response immediately, just write to the online support chat. It takes no longer than 3 minutes for associates to respond, even on technically difficult questions.

ExpressVPN does its best for the convenience of customers. If you want to pay with cryptocurrency, you can do so with bitcoins. If you are used to working through P2P connections, then Express has this solution. The service unlocks any channels and platforms, even in regions with strict censorship. Guaranteed security with military-grade encryption. Kill-switch functions, DNS leak protection, utmost anonymity, and much more are already included in the standard package.

If we talk about disadvantages, they are insignificant and there are not so many of them. Compared to competitive offers, ExpressVPN supports simultaneous connection of up to 5 devices. The price is slightly higher than the nearest analogues. But you get a premium VPN product.

The provider does not offer a free trial, but there is a moneyback guarantee for 30 days. If you are not satisfied with anything, you’ll be get refunded without further questions.

Free Express VPN for 3 months

3 Pure VPN

PureVPN apps for all devices
  1. How many servers: 438
  2. Locations: 89
  3. Number of IP addresses: N/A
  4. Maximum number of devices: 5-10
  • High-speed communication
  • Unlocks Netflix, iPlayer
  • Low price on a 3-year tariff
  • Limited access by number of devices

PureVPN guarantees absolute anonymity of user experience. The developer uses no-logs policy. In fact, there are no log entries at all. Most of the clients are commercial enterprises with increased privacy requirements. Data security and confidentiality will be ensured. In 2018, independent auditing firm Althius IT confirmed high level of communication security.

Pure was the first VPN provider to comply with strict GDPR regulations on personal data protection. Users who want complete anonymity can pay for the service with bitcoins.

The company provides applications for such rare platforms as Kodi and Chromebook. New users receive a 1-month refund guarantee. If you do not like something, you will get your money back without questions.

PureVPN is perfect to circumvent Internet blockages, even in highly censored areas such as China or Russia. The team of web designers took care of convenience to use its applications. Starting from the moment of installation, you get a simple and clear VPN product. Key settings are enabled automatically. Therefore, customers do not need to delve into the technical characteristics of the software.

All popular platforms have apps that you can download from the AppStore or GooglePlay. The official site has an updated APK file for Android. Client-service for desktops works flawlessly on all operating systems – MacOS, Windows and even Linux. Engineers release app updates in a timely manner.

Installation process is simple, where you just need to click next button. A virtual private network gets on with a single click. Experienced users can configure advanced features.

Compared to other flagships, there are few disadvantages. Standard price at the average industry level. Although, for those who need complete anonymity of communication, PureVPN is probably the only such provider. The developer does not offer a moneyback guarantee. But for those who want to try, there is a 3-day test period.

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4 Vypr VPN

VyprVPN various apps
  1. How many servers: 788
  2. Locations: 78
  3. Number of IP addresses: 218 000
  4. Maximum number of devices: 5
  • High-speed Internet connection
  • Functional client services
  • Zero log entries
  • There are small glitches on Windows
  • Technical support should be better

The company’s head office is located in Switzerland, a country with a liberal attitude to storing user data. Vypr is not required by law to maintain log files. For companies with high requirements for anonymity, VyprVPN is an appropriate solution.

The developer only uses its own server centers. The company operates 78 branches, spread across all continents. Therefore, your user data is securely protected from third parties.

In addition to perfect security, Vypr has developed a number of other high-tech features. Chameleon’s proprietary technology consistently bypasses the toughest filters. Even in China and Iran, which regularly block VPN, Vypr provides uninterrupted access to global internet.

Inhouse engineers have created user friendly apps for all devices. Client services on Windows and MacOS are regularly updated. Mobile apps for iOS and Android work even on older models. There are VPN products for routers, Android TV, QNAP, Blackphone, Anonabox and other low-spread platforms.

To speed up data transfer, VyprVPN uses spare server technology. If the connection is interrupted, neighboring channels take care of the traffic. As a result, the user gets high-speed uninterrupted communication. In remote locations, speed may be lower than average. But this depends more on the bandwidth of shared Internet channel.

The brand has completely abandoned logs registration. Log files with user data do not exist at all. Recently, the developer ordered a third-party audit, which showed complete anonymity of its technology. The filter bypass function is convenient to work with streaming video. VyprVPN is especially popular in countries where platforms such as Netflix and iPlayer are blocked.

An imperfect client service for Windows is the main drawback of the brand. Usability of applications on PC definitely should be improved. In addition, there are not enough technical instructions on the official website. Here, Vypr is definitely lagging behind other flagships. However, technical support quickly answers even complex technical questions.

VyprVPN with a discount

5 CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost VPN on a smartphone and a laptop
  1. Technical support: Yes
  2. Test period: 45 days
  3. How many servers: 6198
  4. Locations: 123
  5. Number of countries: 93
  6. Maximum number of devices: 7
  • Apps with a set of smart features
  • High data transfer rate
  • Works with torrents
  • UX/UI should be better

The Romanian-German CyberGhost has over ten million users. This is a VPN service with simplified usability, but increased bandwidth.

The provider runs only proprietory server database located on all continents. There are 6,200 stable servers in 93 countries. Highly functional applications are fully compatible with Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android operating systems. Unlike other providers, CyberGhost allows to use torrents.

By default, software determines the fastest and most stable server, depending on your location. In menu options, you only need to mark the purpose of use, unblocking Netflix, Hulu, iPlayer, YouTube, or browser. Next, you will automatically connect to the best performance server. This feature of GyberGhost is great for countries with increased Internet censorship. Clients get access to global network even during periods of increased censorship.

Specifically for sites with possible malware, there is a function to block ads and trackers. Standard service package includes automatic redirection to HTTPS protocol. This gives users additional security. Transmitted data are compressed before transfering. This significantly reduces expenses on mobile devices.

Among disadvantages, it is worth noting UX/UI on desktop client. The technical support section on the official site is significantly inferior to other VPN providers. Connection speed is generally high, above industry average.

In terms of price-quality ratio, CyberGhost is superior to its competitors. For a lower-than-average price, customers buy a professional-level IT solution. 45-day money-back guarantee makes a huge difference, which is longer than at other brands.

6 IPVanish VPN

IPVanish VPN app interface
  1. Technical support: Yes
  2. Test period: 30 days
  3. How many servers: 1438
  4. Locations: 79
  5. Number of countries: 53
  6. Maximum number of devices: 10
  • Uses only its own servers
  • Online chat support
  • Multifunctional applications
  • High data transfer rate
  • There are problems with usability

IPVanish is the undisputed leader in the development of modern VPN solutions. In a number of tests, the service is by far better than its analogues. The provider uses over 42,000 IP addresses that provide unlimited P2P traffic. All 1438 servers are owned by the company and located in 79 countries around the world. Especially worth noting is prompt technical support. You can ask a question directly in your personal account on your smartphone. Subscription allows you to connect up to 10 devices simultaneously. These terms save your budget for a group usage.

There are applications for Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, and even Fire TV. The developer paid special attention to the functionality of applications. Unlike its competitors, IPVanish included all the most powerful VPN features in its package. You can adjust between connection stability and data transfer speed. Experienced users can switch between communication protocols: IKEv2, OpenVPN, L2TP or PPTP.

Our experts tested connection quality in different modes. Servers run quickly, and downloading speed is always faster than average. IPVanish is ideal for watching Netflix, Hulu, or iPlayer streaming videos. The provider supports torrents on each server.

The service has minor drawbacks. Usability on mobile devices is not the most convenient. The team should take extra care of the interface. At the time of the tests, iOS apps did not have the kill-switch function.

The General characteristic of IPVanish is above average. For a lower-than-average price, you get a superior VPN service. You can connect up to 10 devices. All new users receive a 30-day money-back guarantee. Usually, they refund money without additional questions.

IPVanish for 10 devices

7 HotSpot Shield VPN

Hotspot Shield VPN app for smart TV and smartphones
  1. Technical support: Yes
  2. Test period: 45 days
  3. How many servers: 3228
  4. Locations: 136
  5. Number of countries: 85
  6. Maximum number of devices: 5
  • Lower than average price
  • High data transfer rate
  • Simple and convenient usability
  • The functionality of the applications can be improved

Hotspot Shield offers a free VPN service of top quality. However, the paid version of Hotspot Shield Premium is much better. For just a few dollars a month, you get unlimited traffic with the ability to install on 5 devices simultaneously. The company operates 3228 server nodes in 85 countries around the world. Round-the-clock technical support is one of the best in the industry.

The main evaluation criterion in our tests is the data transfer speed. With the patented technology Catapult Hydra, Hotspot Shield demonstrates one of the best data transfer speed. Even in remote locations, with their unreliable internet speed does not drop. Independent ratings regularly recognize the brand as one of the best.

The provider regularly issues updates for desktop and mobile apps. The software works flawlessly on Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS. Recently, Hotspot has released applications for Linux, routers, and TV streamers. There is a SmartVPN feature that you can use to mark web resources for further direct access. This way you can log into these websites without a VPN connection, if it is not required.

The company provides communications with enhanced privacy and security. Your IP address is securely protected. And your user data is kept safe from fraud and hacker attacks.

Hotspot Shield has created an optimal communication solution. The ratio between price and quality is one of the best. For a small fee, you purchase a VPN service with high speed. There is a 45-day trial period for new customers. This time is enough to test the product at the maximum operating conditions.

The price drops significantly as the package increases. The longer the subscription, the lower the fee. For your convenience, you can choose an annual rate with a 38% discount.

One of the minor drawbacks is lack of payment option by bitcoins. Mobile apps don’t have enough advanced features.

8 Private Internet Access VPN

Private Internet Access VPN personal account
  1. Tech support: no
  2. Test period: 30 days
  3. How many servers: 3195
  4. Locations: 69
  5. Number of countries: 47
  6. Maximum number of devices: 10
  • Up to 10 devices can be connected
  • Compatible with Hulu, Showtime
  • Simple and intuitive applications
  • Excellent speed
  • PC app is not really user friendly

Private Internet Access is not the fastest VPN product. However, the provider stands out from hundreds of competitors by stability of its communication. The company develops only virtual private networks. The cost of the service is higher than average, but it is a reasonable price for a stable connection.

The provider owns 3195 servers located in 40 countries. All communication nodes are located in geographies with loaded traffic. The developer uses its own technology that supports P2P connections on all servers. In the standard package, you get a high-tech service with the SOCKS5 function.

Private Internet Access has developed applications for all platforms: Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android and Linux. Browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera are also included in the license. You can even install the firmware directly on a router. There are step-by-step instructions in the technical support section.

The app interface is not the easiest, compared to other leading competitors. But along with the standard features, there are advanced settings. In addition, you buy an Internet connection with increased security. For example, the kill-switch function is enabled by default. When you connect to unsecured Wi-Fi, the app will automatically notify you.

Among other disadvantages, it is difficult to find the right server. For example, you can’t select your favorite server in Android apps. Otherwise, it is a modern VPN product with professional-level functions.

The convenience of using browser extensions should be particularly noted. They block Intrusive pop-up ads, clear cookies, and even protect your camera.

With Private Internet Access, you buy a reliable IT-solution. By a price-quality ratio, this is a great value choice.

9 Surfshark VPN

Surfshark VPN on Smartphone, Laptop and Desktop
  1. Technical support: Yes
  2. Test period: 30 days
  3. How many servers: 1805
  4. Locations: 107
  5. Number of countries: 62
  6. Maximum number of devices: unlimited
  • Unlimited number of connected devices
  • High-speed connections
  • Prices are lower than industry average
  • Simple and clean user experience
  • Android app is not always stable

Surfshark is one of the few VPN providers that pay special attention to user experience. For most users, settings are not as important as security and privacy. In this, the company is uncompromising.

Surfshark differs from other developers in its simplicity and ease. However, the service contains professional-level features. Customers get a powerful VPN product with a clear interface. By default, the app shows two main functions: fast connection and server selection. For advanced users, there are more complex functions in the menu settings . The software is developed using the latest technologies for virtual private networks. The provider’s full-time engineers regularly issue updates to stay compatible with all operating systems.

The optimal mode to run application is enabled automatically. You can set the necessary settings yourself. You can choose from all the standard technologies-OpenVPN, UDP, and TCP. The state-of-the-art IKEv2 security protocol and encryption via the AES-256 algorithm provide utmost security. If connection goes via unsecured channels, the kill-switch always protects against any data leakage. For additional security, Surfshark uses its own DNS servers. Surfshark firmly does not keep any log files. Therefore, confidentiality of user data is ensured.

Obvious advantage of the service is an unlimited number of connected devices. Applications run smoothly on all popular platforms – Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS and Android. The developer uses only high-bandwidth Internet channels. It is a suitable tool for streaming platforms. The standard package includes firmware on Amazon Fire TV Stick.

We should especially note the low price for a premium-level VPN service. And every new customer gets a 30-day money-back guarantee.

10 Proton VPN

Proton VPN mobile applications and smart TV
  1. Compatible with: Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, Linux
  2. Video streaming on platforms: Netflix, iPlayer, YouTube, Amazon, Hulu
  3. Round-the-clock support: no
  4. Trial period: 30 days
  5. How many servers: 817
  6. Locations: 58
  7. Number of countries: 50
  8. Maximum number of devices: 5
  • There is a free subscription with unlimited traffic
  • Convenient applications for mobile and desktop devices
  • Professional-level settings
  • Small server network

The bulk of VPN offers are clones of each other. Superficial copies without any value in functionality. Proton VPN team consists only of full-time coders with many years of experience in Internet communications. There are no fundamentally new settings, but the provider stands out for its high-tech service.

In the rating of the best VPN services, Proton is probably the only company that provides a free version. Usually, free apps can’t actually be used for their intended purpose. With such products, users get annoying ads, irritatingly slow speeds, and even leakages of user data. But with Proton, you will have a modern VPN connection and guaranteed privacy.

The developer pays special attention to communication security. The company does not use weak PPTP protocols. All traffic goes only through modern IKEv2 and OpenVPN channels. Data passes end-to-end encryption and additional masking. All servers support TOR technology.

For users who are not interested in technical settings, this is a default mode. The company has developed a universal interface for all operating systems. The apps are simple and functional, with basic settings already enabled. All types of E-money are accepted for payment. And those who want to get full anonymity can pay with bitcoins.

The data transfer speed is always faster than the average. Even the basic package has P2P support and protection against DNS leakages. An additional advantage is the low price. For just $4 per month, you get a guaranteed reliable and secure VPN offer.

A small number of servers and low speed in remote locations are the only drawbacks of Proton.

11 Windscribe VPN

Windscribe VPN app interface
  1. How many servers: 418
  2. Locations: 123
  3. Number of IP addresses: N/A
  4. Maximum number of devices: unlimited
  • Unlimited number of devices
  • Free trial with 10 GB per month limit
  • Transparent Privacy Policy
  • Average data transfer rate

Windscribe is a premium VPN service. The provider has developed applications for all operating systems. Inhouse coders keep a close eye on updates, so that all apps work flawlessly. Client services have unified functionality for Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS and Linux. Unlike competitive offers, browser extensions on Chrome, Firefox, and Opera have fully fledged settings. The basic license even has firmware for routers and Kodi.

A distributed server network in 62 countries around the world provides a stable connection. As of 2021, the company has 123 servers. The team is steadily increasing capacity of its network.

In marketing descriptions, everything looks good, but in reality there are problems. In places close to the main server nodes, the speed is not lower than average. In remote locations, the data transfer speed may be lower. The company works to increase bandwidth, so the quality of communication will only increase over time.

Windscribe uses modern OpenVPN and L2TP communication protocols. And end-to-end encryption reliably protects user data. Service easily bypasses the firewalls in countries with a strict censorship. Netflix and BBC iPlayer streaming platforms can be accessed even in China or Iran.

It is worth noting the free version separately. This is a full-fledged VPN service with all the features of paid products. The only thing is that there are restrictions on traffic up to 10 GB per month. This amount of traffic is enough to test the product.

Slow customer support is a drawback. For technical assistance, the provider uses only full-time employees. Therefore, the response time for even a simple request may take a longer time. But overall, Windscribe is worth its price. This is an inexpensive VPN choice with premium quality.

Go to Windscribe VPN

12 Hide-me VPN

Hide-My-Name VPN on smartphone and laptop
  1. How many servers: 1105
  2. Locations: 287
  3. Number of IP addresses: N/A
  4. Maximum number of devices: 5
  • Extended server network
  • Speed above the average
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface
  • There are problems with desktop applications

Hideme VPN uses servers in 190 countries, on all continents. The company has offices in all Internet-active regions. The provider operates 14 branches in the middle East, 20 branches in Africa, and 59 branches in Southeast Asia. The result of a well-developed server infrastructure is a high data transfer rate. Even in countries with strict Internet censorship, the traffic speed is higher than that of other brands.

Software engineers regularly improve Hideme applications. All desktop client services work flawlessly. Especially worth noting is the ease of installation process. For each platform there is a step-by-step instructions with accompanying illustrations. Interface is the same for all operating systems-Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android or Linux. For advanced users, there are detailed installation guides for routers, Smart-TVs, and game consoles.

The developer uses modern VPN communication technologies. Depending on an operating system, the connection can go through OpenVPN, WireGuard, SoftEther, SSTP, or IKEv2. With the addition of end-to-end data encryption, user data is securely protected. Protection from DNS-leakages is already enabled in default mode.

The provider has deliberately created a simple and clear usability. Most users don’t need professional settings. In this regard, kill-switch does not work as usual. In popular VPN services, when VPN connection brokes, an app completely locks access to Internet. In Hideme, you need to manually select an app that you want to disable with the kill-switch.

There is 24/7 technical support. The company employs consultants with at least 3 years of experience. Even on a technically complex question, they respond within just 2 minutes.

A separate advantage of Hideme is its low price. For a price below the market, you buy a high-tech VPN service. But the number of simultaneously connected devices is limited to 5. Which may not be suitable for a group or family use.

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Best VPN – quick comparison table

Simultaneous connectionsNumber of serversSupport streaming resources
1. NordVPN65027390+ including Hule, Amazon, Netflix, Showtime, iPlayer, and others
2. Express VPN53208Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Showtime, iPlayer and 300+ others
3. Surfsharkunlimited1805Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Showtime, iPlayer and 280+ others
4. CyberGhost76198Netflix, Eurosport, Hulu, Hotstar, iPlayer and 197+ others
5. Private Internet Access103195Netflix, Eurosport, Hulu, Spotify, BBC iPlayer and 231+ others
6. PureVPN10438Sky Go, Hulu, Eurosport, Netflix, Spotify, BBC iPlayer and 309+ others
7. VyprVPN5788ESPN, Eurosport, Hulu, Netflix, Showtime, BBC iPlayer and 112+ others
8. IPVanish101438Sky Go, HBO, Hulu, Netflix, ESPN, BBC iPlayer and 253+ others
9. HotSpot Shield53228ABC, Hotstar, Hulu, Netflix, Spotify, BBC iPlayer and 185+ others
10. Hideme ВПН51105Showtime, ESPN, Hulu, Netflix, HBO Go, BBC iPlayer and 137+ others
11. Proton VPN5817ESPN, Eurosport, Hulu, Netflix, SNBC, BBC iPlayer and 162+ others
12. Windscribe VPNunlimited418Showtime, CNBC, Hulu, Netflix, RBT Prime, BBC iPlayer and 207+ others

Why do you need a VPN

The Internet is becoming more and more restricted and dangerous:

  • Online crooks use more sophisticated methods to steal personal data. They hack into Bank accounts and use your credit cards.
  • Companies use marketing tricks and quietly slip you into dynamic pricing. Unscrupulous marketers deliberately create confusing conditions with auto-renewals.
  • Internet service providers intentionally slow down speed, or disable connection altogether when you use torrents.
  • Government censorship decides for you what you can and can’t watch online.

VPN is a valuable tool and reliable defender of your personal freedom in the cyber space:

  • Bypass restricted access to movies and TV series on any streaming video resources. Watch Netflix or Hulu without having to pay inflated prices for a subscription.
  • Protect your personal data from hackers, annoying advertisers, and other online traps.
  • Get absolute anonymity while being online, at any time and on any resource. Watch news, stream TV, and make purchases with complete privacy.
  • Don’t depend on your Internet provider to regulate your connection speed. Get a fast connection when you want it.
  • When we decided to create a rating of the best VPN, we found that there are more than 500 offers available. 95% of short-lived firms only promise favorable terms. Such companies distribute non-functional services in order to get hold of user data. Only a limited number of developers offer efficient VPN solutions.

Testing algorithm: how we compared and evaluated VPN

Hundreds of companies claim that they are the best. How can you find a high-quality VPN product among them? We did this routine work for you. Our analysts checked 500 offers, from which they determined the best VPN services. We have combined scattered information into a clear structure. Here you can find detailed reviews of the top providers. It is now much easier to make the right choice.

Our analysts have conducted numerous tests on a number of features. The technical characteristics of each service have been strictly checked for compliance against advertised numbers. We put together and compared data for all 500 VPN offers. The tests were conducted in 38 countries, on different continents. We checked the geo-blocking bypass, interaction with Internet service providers, circumventing government censorship, and communication security. We periodically re-check the services to ensure that you get up-to-date results. Here are the key criteria that we used to create this VPN rating:


The two most important requirements for a top VPN are privacy and security. Every developer claims absolute protection of user data, but reality is opposite.

VPN services with a confirmed policy of no log files guarantee your anonymity in the digital space. Responsible providers do not store user data in logs. Moreover, user data is never shared with third parties, simply because there is nothing to share. Accordingly, you do not leave any digital footprint on the Internet. For additional protection, top providers must use end-to-end data encryption.


The second most important criterion for evaluating a best VPN service is the data transfer speed. When using a VPN, your traffic passes through the provider’s servers. This inevitably affects the speed of communication. Therefore, any VPN reduces connection speed. How much it slows down depends on the quality of the service. The fastest VPN providers have the least impact on the connection speed. With them, you can use torrents as usual and even watch streaming videos without buffering.

Companies with know-how in communication minimize the speed loss. Leading providers use a special technology of substituting servers; as a result speed on your channel may even increase.

During the verification process, we intentionally connected to remote servers on other continents. We created all unfavorable conditions for the speed of communication. Only serious developers actually passed our tests.


Streaming platforms restrict access to content, depending on your region. Therefore, a VPN service is a suitable solution for circumventing such restrictions. For example, if you connect to a server in the United States, you can watch any video available in that country. High-quality VPN providers consistently work with Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and DAZN.

Using torrents

Torrent enthusiasts especially appreciate VPN solutions. In some countries, torrents are prohibited, so you can only access them through a virtual private network. But even if torrents are open for public access, it is dangerous to use them directly.

In torrents, you connect via a P2P connection, which essentially makes you vulnerable to hackers and trolls. Using a VPN service, you mask your real IP address and protect access to your device through layers of encryption. This way, you can get all the benefits of torrents, without the slightest risk to your data. When testing VPN providers, we checked the stability of connections via P2P, SOCKS5 proxy, and standard settings of TOR clients.


An important factor of high-quality VPN service is the ability to bypass govermental filters. Some countries have strict Internet censorship. In such places, access to many global services may simply be blocked. Top providers deliver access to international space, regardless of your location. We checked services for end-to-end encryption, traffic masking, and spoof servers. The best VPN products consistently bypass powerful firewalls in China, Iran, and the UAE.

We evaluated developers on several parameters. The ability to ensure uninterrupted communication depends on the reliability of encryption, the size of the server network, and the quality of communication protocols. We have compiled a rating based on a number of criteria. Our analysts evaluated the usability, quality of technical support, and price.

Frequently asked question

Is it allowed to use a VPN?

Some users believe that accessing prohibited sites via VPN is an illegal action. However, the fact that the resource is blocked does not mean that using a VPN is illegal. In most countries, virtual private networks are fully allowed. The only countries where VPN connection falls into a grey zone of legislation are China, Iraq, Iran, Belarus, Turkey, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates.

It is not illegal to use traffic masking, data encryption, bypass blocking, or anonymity protection. It is clear that any illegal actions are always prosecuted. Even if those crimes are conducted via a virtual private network. We adhere to generally accepted common sense and are against any illegal actions via VPN.

Are virtual private networks secure?

In most cases, VPN services are completely secure. However, it is your responsibility not to expose your data to obvious risks and fraudulent tricks.

It is reasonable to apply additional protection if:

  • You are connected through a service in a country where there is Internet censorship. Then the authorities determine which providers are allowed and which are not.
  • You download copyrighted information through a VPN that keeps logs.

Is it easy to use a VPN?

The best VPNS have a simple and clear user interface. Ease of use is considered, starting from the moment of installation of an app. With top services, you just need to click next button.

All offers included in our rating are easy to use and set even to novice users. All services have a large quick-connection button. Automatic connection to the most suitable server is enabled by default. And to bypass geoblocks, an app will select the desired server independently.

If you are using VPN for the first time and want to learn the technology, then read our user manual for VPN. You will get detailed information about key features, installation and configuring apps.

How much does a VPN cost?

After learning about advantages of virtual private networks, you may wonder about price. Obviously, efficient services can’t be cheap; moreover they can be free of charge. However, it is possible to obtain top offers for just a few dollars a month.

You can even get a subscription from the leader of our rating – NordVPN for less than $4 per month.

Click on the link right now and get a 70% discount for the top product. This offer is valid till the end of this month.

Are there free VPNs?

There are free VPNS, but at least they are useless. And in most cases, they are dangerous to use.

Creating a VPN technology is a complex process. Maintaining uninterrupted communication requires highly paid specialists and powerful servers. Therefore, a reliable service can’t be free.

Unscrupulous developers actively use the attractiveness of free terms just for their own goals. Such applications do not work by default, because the data transfer speed is actually zero. And during peak hours, the connection does not get on at all. Providers obtain your personal data and sell it to advertising agencies and government services.

However, not all distributors of free offers are scammers. This is usually a marketing ploy to establish contact with a user. At first, a company promotes an almost non-functional application. Then, this provider insistently offers to switch to a paid tariff.

Can I use TOR or proxy instead of VPN?

TOR, proxy, and VPN are originally designed for different tasks. Sometimes, these pieces of software can be used for the same purpose. But the result will be very different in the end.

TOR, aka Onion Router technology, is used for confidential Internet use. The connection goes through a chain of servers, which makes it much more difficult to track an end user. Although connection is conditionally anonymous, the data transfer speed is significantly reduced. Because of a difficult setup process, pro folks usually use TOR applications together with VPN. This combination gives an even more secure connection.

However, not all VPN services are compatible with TOR. When choosing a provider, look at this compatibility option. Top providers include TOR feature in their standard packages. With offers from NordVPN, you don’t have to look for it outside. In the basic tariff, you already get an option to run TOR via VPN.

Proxy services are intended for only one task. They hide your IP address. All other functions of the virtual private network are not included in the proxy. With this connection, traffic speed will not drop. But the connection will be insecure, without data encryption and without bypassing geoblocks. By default, the proxy server is just an IP address. This is not even an app, but just settings in your computer. Therefore, you can simply forget about the convenience of using it.

It makes sense to use proxy servers to access Internet in a specific region. The connection speed will probably be better. But of course there will be no privacy or security of communication.

You can find hundreds of offers online. As always, choose paid services. Otherwise, you will lose time on futile attempts to connect via free servers.

Better, buy a high-quality VPN product right away. Then you will get a high-speed connection with guaranteed anonymity and security.

Do I need a VPN on my smartphone?

It is better to connect any device via VPN. This is how you protect your data and network privacy. Mobile devices are no exception, and personal information theft mainly occurs through smartphones.

In our ranking of the best VPN services, all providers offer apps for mobile devices. Applications from top developers are compatible with all popular operating systems. Read more about VPN for Android in our special review. If you have an iPhone, then check our walk-through article here.

Let’s summarize the rating – these are the best VPN services in 2021

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